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The Forbidden City

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Creator: Jamian Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 19 Nov 2018 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1608 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.71/5 (30 ratings) Download Quest
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A large quest featuring a real ocarina item, gasha seeds and rings, 7 large dungeons and smaller mini-dungeons, fully scripted bosses and minibosses, minigames, scripted items... It comes with an adjustable difficulty setting to adapt to the player's skills.

The quest includes:
- 14 different ocarina songs to learn
- 60 different rings which grant you various powers
- Many gasha seeds to plant

The difficulty has four settings: hero, normal, easy and very easy. It is always possible to lower the difficulty in-game (but not increase it) so I recommend you start in normal mode to see how you're doing before you choose a lower difficulty. Hero mode is extremely punishing and is only recommended to players who have beaten the quest in normal mode beforehand.

Estimated gameplay time: around 20 hours. You will be given a "game completion" score at the end of the quest.

The quest was created and tested with ZC 2.50.1 final.
Emperor Gogol, a despotic ruler, is searching for siblings Link and Zelda. According to a prophecy, they are the chosen ones who will one day open the gates of the Forbidden City. But Gogol's supposed allies also have plans of their own. Can Link escape his many enemies, save his sister, and protect Hyrule?
Tips & Cheats
Ask for hints on the forums if you get stuck.

For people who want to use cheats: the quest is script-heavy and by using cheats you will most likely break it. I recommend you instead post a message asking for help, or lower the difficulty setting if needed.
Quest design: Jamian
Tileset: Instrumentality (Moosh)
Extra tiles: www.spriters-resource.com, EZGBC tileset, DoR tileset, Artistic
Scripts: Jamian
Additional scripts by: Colossal, Evan20000, Mero, Moosh, MoscowModder, Mr Z, Soga
Beta testing: Arieltap, Evan20000, Mister Snooze, Moosh, NewJourneysFire