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Randomizer Super Version

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Creator: HeroOfFire Genre: Scripted Updated: 22 Nov 2014 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1448 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.47/5 (14 ratings) Download Quest
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The latest in a series of quests, Randomizer Super Version is a little more than just an expansion to the Randomizer Modern Version. New dungeons, new items, and some changes to the game flow. But items are still shuffled, and you have lots of ground to cover.

Compared to the previous versions, the big new feature of this version is how the Light and Dark overworlds work. Now you must seek out portals to travel between both, and dungeons now appear only in one of the two overworlds.

There are now bonus dungeons to seek out, for those who thought they knew everything from the previous versions. The standard item total is at 200, but you can go for 103% if you wish.

Update 1.1: Now you can use a seed to randomize the quest. A seed is a 16 digit number that will produce the same item placement when used... assuming you also use the same custom randomizer options. Great for sharing your item layout with others!
Zelda has been taken by Ganon, you need the triforce for Level 9, etc. Except there are more than 8 dungeons to search, many Level 9s, and Ganon might not be the boss you need to face. Or not. But hey, items are shuffled around, so make the most of what you find early on this quest.
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By this point the big secret of the randomizers should be known. Most bonus dungeons are hidden there, but one might be somewhere else...

Also, there are two bonus items that don't count toward the final item tally. Only the best will find these "Easter Egg" items.

One new change is you can buy an item that tells you how many items are in a dungeon or overworld. It will come in handy, and can be found at a discount in a certain shop.

1.1 Feature: If you use a seed, you might start with an unexpected item.

Version 1.11 fixes certain weapons messing with important animations
Nintendo for the Original quests, VGMusic for the midis, and thanks for the beta testers who helped balance a quest that can be so random.