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Creator: Teamudf Genre: Story-driven Added: 11 Jul 2014 Updated: 04 Jan 2015 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 2792 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.79/5 (32 ratings) Download Quest
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Eiyuu has a unique story with a cast of brand-new characters and will mainly serve as an experiment in game play, storytelling, and new items. The theme of the quest is explore.

Made for and play tested in 2.50. Playing in other versions may result in undesired consequences. (One was found in 2.50.1, in fact, so play in the recommended version, please.)

Rating difficulty on a scale from 1 (not at all) to 10 (insane), play testers gave Eiyuu around a 5. With the latest update in place, this rating should hold true for more players. Later areas can still be tricky though.

Eiyuu contains 4 to 6 main levels (it's...weird to explain) and a number of secrets that will probably be classified as "too many." There is also an experimental karma system that will keep track of items the player may have taken illegitimately from others. The karma system no longer affects any ending. Boss battles are not this game's strong suit but there are a few good ones courtesy of Moosh.

There is a small side legend revolving around 5 "mega-tier" secrets you can find in the game. Some of the higher-end secrets become increasingly abstract, but all solutions are intended to be logical and have in-game hints. I expect the player to think during these challenges.

UPDATE (7-11-2014): Sorry for the extremely early update, but I apparently closed off a path I didn't mean to in Level 3 some time in the past. Both keys should be obtainable in either order again like in the demo build.

UPDATE (7-21-2014): The next major update that fixes quite a few things. Page 14 on the thread describes them. A couple people helped me test and save files shouldn't break. (I only bring this up because I changed something in the Global.)

UPDATE (8-12-2014): Another major package of stuff, noted in Page 19 of the Eiyuu thread.

UPDATE (1-4-2015): Another damage control package of updates, including a couple somewhat new things. Noted in Page 25 of the Eiyuu thread.
Zelos Phoenix is an explorer searching for a particular rare item. With a guide at his side, he hopes to track down the item in the mountainous region of Myso. But as Zelos travels, he ends up caught in the middle of a race for the item.

There are four endings to the main story. One ending (the canon one) CAN be missed and whether you miss this ending depends on what you complete before finishing Level 2. Even if you miss it, you can still get "a" good ending that is similar to the canon ending.

Some scenes and dialogue can change depending on the items you have or the actions you have (or maybe haven't) performed. The story ultimately goes to the same place, but details can be altered or added depending on what the player has seen.
Tips & Cheats
- If you cheat and break something, you get what you deserve. Play the quest as intended and ask for help if needed.
- MONEY IS LIMITED for a good while. Enemies usually do not drop Rupees and you have no sword to slash bushes. Invest wisely.
- READ the story or TALK to NPCs if you get lost in quests easily. You are always told where to go next or are given a general idea on where to look.
- The karma system can make the game easier or more difficult depending on your play style. Be mindful of the items you decide to take as not all of them are possible to get in a single playthrough.
- Check earlier areas as you progress through story events and levels because more will open.
=====Story / Creator / Insane Guy=====

=====Loose Tiles / Tileset=====
Teamudf (Just some spare / extra ones.)
(If I forgot anyone, please PM me.)

Evan20000 (CHOPPAH)

=====Script Help / Creation=====
(If I forgot anyone, please PM me.)

=====Sounds / Music=====
Psychgoth / Ba-Rok
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