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Creator: superpatch13 Genre: Story-driven Updated: 24 Jan 2016 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 988 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.22/5 (8 ratings) Download Quest
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This is my 4th quest I have made (3rd uploaded on this account). I honestly can't remember how long I have been working on this one. I guess somewhere around 3 years. I think my best strong-suit when it comes to quest making is the story, so hopefully you all enjoy the world I try to create. I 100% it in approx. 8hr, so its a long game for those who don't know where to go. Feedback is always loved, and of course, have fun playing it! (and if you see anything you think should be fixed/change, let me know!)

Probably around 10ish+ hours to beat if you want to do everything.

UPDATE 2.5- a BUNCH of changes including dialogue, aesthetic, gameplay, etc.
Zelda is kidnapped. Ganon is trying to take over Hyrule. Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria. There's more to that, but you should find out for yourself ;)
Tips & Cheats
I wouldn't call this game easy. Knowing how ZC games work will help out a lot while playing. I have play-tested this, so I guess a tip would be that it is beatable if you ever get stuck haha. Oh and, on certain parts, bomb-able walls are not marked. They game does give you hints for these parts however. Any part where link is unable to move, hold down (the game usually tells you this). Like-wise, if you can move during a cut-scene that stops, move up to trigger the rest of it.
Most of the credits are in-game, but I made this game along with the design, story, music selection, as well as my quality seal of approval. Also Epad for his many demo testing and useful insight. Thanks to TeamUDF for playing an early demo. VGMusic for the most of the music and purezc for most of the tiles. Another thanks to Moscowmodder for the useful 2 scripts.