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The Darkness Within

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Creator: Russ Genre: Story-driven Added: 07 Apr 2013 Updated: 22 Apr 2013 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1677 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (19 ratings) Download Quest
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Two and a half years in the making, the sequel to Light of the Heavens DX is here! The Darkness Within is a large, story driven game, loaded with features, such as:

-2 unique characters, each with their own playstyle.
-Nearly every area from the first game is explorable, albeit they've changed a bit...
-8 main levels
-Fully scripted bosses (save for one)
-Lots of scripted items
-An intense story with three different endings
-And more!
Two years have passed since Link and Rose struck down Dracus and saved the people of Palm Island. Their time since then has been spent traveling the seas, searching for somebody near and dear to Rose. Following a new lead, they return to Palm Island, expecting a fun reunion with friends. What they find instead are ruins, human remains, and an old foe, Lucis, driven to the brink of insanity.

To their relief, they soon find that most of the inhabitants of the island escaped safely. But their savior is none other than Dracus, the foe they thought they struck down two years ago. Claiming to have reformed, Dracus strikes a deal with them: they must team up in order to defeat the now-insane Lucis. With no other option, Link and Rose accept.

So many questions gnaw on their minds though. What's going on? Has Lucis really gone insane, or is something else more sinister at work here? Why did Dracus help all the people of Palm Island? And more importantly, has he really reformed? Can they really trust him?

You'll have to answer that last question yourself.
Tips & Cheats
-Exploring your surroundings will always help you out.
-The first level has two heart halves hidden somewhere; each level after that has one.
-Potions can be helpful; they'll fully restore your health four times. You start out with one freebie at the beginning of the game, and you're also given a freebie just before the final boss.
-The ending system is based off three moral choices you make, so if the game seems to be hinting that something's important and gives you a choice, think carefully about what to do.
-Remember to backtrack to old areas once you have new items; you might find rewards that were previously inaccessible.
-DON'T quit in the middle of cutscenes. Nothing good comes out of it, and it might get you stuck.
-The password to the quest is given out at the end, so you can go nuts with the quest if you want. Fair warning through: Excessive cheating will probably break the quest.
First off, I want to thank three specific people, as this quest wouldn't be possible without them.
Moosh was an unbelievable huge help. He scripted a good chunk of the game's items, taught me how to script the bosses, helped design one of the levels, beta tested, and constantly provided me with feedback. He also sprited the final boss. This game would have looked much different, and much worse, were it not for him.
Evan20000 was also a huge help. He frequently gave me advice and feedback, and really helped with the difficulty balancing. His own quest was also a big inspiration to me at parts.
Finally, SpacemanDan has helped me debug more scripts for this thing than I care to remember. He's also given me tons of genera advice and encouragement, and if that weren't enough, he's sprited a few things for the game too.

Now, for credits in general:
Graphics: Radien, for the DoR tileset. Peteo and DFW, for the Lost Isle tileset. SpacemanDan, for multiple sprites. Lightwulf, for misc sprites. Jupiter, for lots of trees. Linkus, for dungeon tiles. Scootaloo, for the Link tiles. Mariomario, for the Dracus sprites. Moosh, for the final boss sprites. Orin XD, for misc character sprites. Revfan9, for the horizon background. From the Spriter's Resource: Faty McGee, Smithygon, Robbydude, CrimsonPenguin, Mr. C, and Bean
Music: Alestance, Bjorn_Lynne, Espilan, Joan-Michele, Jormungand, Strato, Zagro, the contributors to the Original Midi Pack who were unnamed, and VGMusic submitters whose names I've unfortunately lost.
Special mention for Alestance, who, in addition to writing a few songs, gave lots of suggestions, and compiled the Original Midi Pack that I frequently used.
SFX: Helpthewretched, Jurassic Park.
Scripts/scripting help: Moosh, SpacemanDan, Saffith, SurrealCanine, and Joe123.
Beta Testing: Moosh, Evan20000, SurrealCanine, and my own best friend who prefers to go unnamed.
Post game bug finding: Special callout for Aevin, who's been a big help with those few bugs that slipped by.
None of this would have been possible without Nintendo, so they obviously get credit.
And finally, you, for the taking the time to read this all and play the game.

If you deserve a place in the credits and I forgot to credit you, PLEASE let me know ASAP so I can give you proper credit