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The Legend of Link: and His Return To Snortsia

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Creator: Sephiroth Genre: Dungeon Romper Added: 12 Mar 2006 ZC Version: 1.92 B182 Downloads: 218 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.71/5 (6 ratings) Download Quest
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This is a quest I had released on AGN mid to late 2004. When I begun work on this one, I used the newfirst tileset, but I completely removed all the overworld and dungeon tiles and started the tileset from scratch. Enjoy!
5 Years ago, Link was summoned to save the Land of Snortsia, and was triumphant. Now, Link has returned for the same reason: Recover the eight pieces of the Triforce of Snortsia and defeat Ganon: Lord of Darkness. Link sets off to take care of this terror and he meets up with 9 different dungeons sprawling with Ganon's henchmen. The Triforce pieces scattered to prevent misuse by those with the evil minds. Now the Triforce Pieces are guraded by Ganon's greatest warriors and Link must find somehow to get through the several dungeons of Snortsia and claim the pieces. Link had forgot his weapons in Hyrule so he must go and retrieve the wooden sword that is hidden within a dungeon. Once he has that, Link heads on to find his rewards. It depends on You to get Link through the dungeons so that he may defeat Ganon once and for all!
Tips & Cheats
Not too many hints, but here the are, 1 for each dungeon.
Dungeon in the Tree: Look for your boomerang, it will prove to be useful.
Sand Shrine: Leevers give you a headache, with the hammer, you can give them a headache!
Warp Twisted Dungeon: The multiple sidewarps take you to the enterance,upon the addition of the boss key, you must fight through the dungeon again.
trap Dungeon: Watch for arrows on the walls! They point out hidden traps!
Nose Dungeon: This dungeon would be easier if you came in with the Red Shield.
Forest Temple: Grab the map, This dungeon has multiple enterances and exits!
Big Wallet's Dungeon: The multiple paths will give you a headache. Try to remember which ways you have gone.
Water Ruin: Try not to fall to your death. Mwahahahaha!
Dungeon of Ice and Lava: The first floor is very chilly, but the basement's hot like an oven. Be sure to bring your hammer with you!
Siezure Temple: Try to play this one in fullscreen! The flashing colors may give you a seizure!
Giant's Wallet Cave: Only one way to go! and that's not good.
Dechipher: For composing a few MIDIs that are used in:
Overworld (Transformed a MP3 to MIDI (which saved space)) <- Request from Snort: Please do not rip this.
Big Wallet's Cave
Ganon's Tower: F1
NOTE: These MIDIS are NOT to be used unless you contact Dechipher on AGN. Thank you.

BH4 for the Gothic/Disco Style Dungeon Walls used in:
Big Wallet's Cave

Mr. Z for making a few of the block puzzles used in various dungeons.

Masterlink3000 for contributing Aganihm sprites for my first ever Custom Boss! ^_^

Magi_Hero for donating a lightning bolt sprite for the lightning dungeon in ganon's realm.

DJvenom for contributing armos statues seen in area 4 of Ganon's Realm.

Codelinker & Link3505 for contributing some railroad track tiles for use in the Thunder Realm in Ganon's Realm.

Codelinker for contributing a block puzzle to the Lightning Realm.

Dark Nation/Fat Cat Fan for creating the program we all love:
Zelda Classic

Nintendo for creating Zelda 1 for which Zelda Classic was a clone of.

Me, Myself, and I for creating this tileset/quest

Various other people whom I missed from the above.