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TLoZ: Majora's Mask 2D


(6.24 MB)
Genre: Scripted Added: 22 Apr 2019 Downloads: 44 Rating[?]:
Changelog since previous demo:

Major script refactor: Now instead of one main script file, there are 12 sub-files, each with code relating to a specific thing.
Fixed bug with Spring Water cooling instantly and Giant's Mask displaying wrong when equipped
Fixed torches/soft soil not showing properly on remote "height"
Made soft soil retain state until you change DMap "Level" (leave the area)
Made torches store up to 4 puzzles per DMap Level, and fully reset upon time resetting
On Nov 18, added guards to clock town gates, and made a grass area for Termina Field; forgot to put this here
Modified the timing of the guards moving to the side to occur during the dialogue, rather than before the dialogue, which makes more sense
Added Red/Blue sparkles to Fire/Ice Arrows
Gave Ocarina a proper note background, with the notes being vertically offset based on pitch
Completely revamped bows; now arrows can be aimed 360° around, with snap-aiming to 8-directional for fast aiming, or normal aiming degree-by-degree for precision
Created in full the Octorok Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town; aside from the exterior design of the building, which is still WIP.
Increased text speed from 5 to 3 (lower is faster)
Merge: A lot of updates, since 11/30/2018, have been in a separate alpha branch. Now, they are all merged.
Includes various script upgrades and optimizations.
Added: Shooting Gallery Minigame
Added: Options Menu
Added: Game-Over/F6 Menu
Upgrade: Use new 2.55 script types
Fixed: Options Menu bugs. Refined Options Menu GUI.
Tints will now be disabled while the subscreen, options menu, or death/f6 menu are open. This makes it easier to see the menu at night. This is toggleable in the options menu, on by default.
Added tabs to options menu.
Split the option key control setting into Controls tab.
Added Reset all to default button in System tab.
Added Menu Scroll Speed, for scrolling between tabs, as a multiplier (x0.5 to x8, multiples of 2 only)
Added Menu Input Delay, for how long you need to hold down a direction (in frames) for it to count as pressing again (i.e. scroll another tab over, another menu option down). Default 30 frames.


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