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TLoZ: Majora's Mask 2D

Demo 3.3 (2018 EXPO)

(5.92 MB)
Genre: Scripted Added: 24 Oct 2018 Downloads: 39 Rating[?]:
Demo being submitted for the expo demo. 2.55 Expo Demo build required.

Scripts in the demo: https://drive.google...dIenmXeSwwDtOZ_
Clock town is mostly deserted, but explorable- no buildings but the Clock Tower have an inside.

This is mainly a tech demo for all of the items and scripts in play, some of which are exclusively showcased in the script test area (old demo area, orange portal, clock tower).
Be sure to read the stone tablet signs- walk up to them from the bottom and press 'A'. They give lots of info about the quest, including controls and form info.

Most masks don't do much, though transformations are all set, and the bunny hood and blast mask have functions as well.
Worn masks are shown on the passive subscreen on Link's face; all masks have a drawing for this.

The exits to Termina Field, the Fairy Fountain, and the Bomber's Hideout have been sealed for the demo, as they simply lead out of the map at the moment.

There is a Skulltula enemy whom always respawns in the Clock Tower. This is the only enemy in the demo.


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