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Metroid 1-4 (ZC Remake/Tileset)

Metroid 3-ZC Demo 1

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Genre: Metroidvania Added: 31 Oct 2016 Downloads: 17 Rating[?]:
Rerelease with a fix to an error with some combo types that would prevent any progress.

Again, made in homage to the original game but with some changes due to ZC limitations.

Some areas, you will find bomb-jumping easier than normal jumping.

Abilities like the wall-jump and mockball have been left out due to my inability to perform them.

The game has been tested from the beginning to Kraid, but undocumented bugs and permastucks may remain. Please report these at once!

The area beyond Kraid can also be reached, but should be entered at your own risk.

All work is unfinished, but this should give a general idea of how it functions.

Controls required- A, B, L, R, all 4 Ex buttons and the mouse to operate the subscreen.
To operate the mouse, you must open the menu in Zelda Classic and disable the option under settings to Click To Freeze.
As of this time, only beam upgrades can be toggled on and off.

The appearance of bosses, enemies, areas and other things may change without notice as this is still a work in progress.


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