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James Quest: Sidestory

4-Dir Official 1.0.1

(7.19 MB)
Genre: Story-driven Added: 29 May 2023 Downloads: 16 Rating[?]:
Difficulty: Intermediate to Expert
Alpha Minimum: Alpha 112
Nightly Recommended: 4/5/2023 Nightly

t's been 20 years James, how do you do? A final showdown has been brewing between Link, Zelda, and Ganon. James has been telepathically summoned by Link to meet him somewhere.....

This is a story-driven quest meant to introduce James further into the Zelda/Zelda Classic Universe in order to get ready to have him as a selectable character in certain quests. Get ready to meet James and interact with several of his acquantainces, past and present.

I do not know how this quest will play out, considering it has new mechanics, new enemies, and a possibile difficulty curve. So we are releasing it and going to patch it as it goes. Also, my life is expected to take a turn in the fall, so finishing it may or may not happen, so this is where I stand officially at the moment.

An 8-directional demo is planned, but after that, I really don't know where this will go.

If you:

1. Have not beaten the 1st AND 2nd Quest beforehand:


2. Are using an alpha pre-112:

Do not send me or my team complaints!

Emergency Patch 1.0.1 notes:

1. Map button should now work in all levels.(if it works shoddy please report again!)
2. Sword should now save correctly
3. Fixed some inadvertent tiling errors
Known Issues:

We are aware of the Level 2 Difficulty situation and are planning a possible fix as we speak. We need players' feedback on it.

Adding save points and escape points. It is being discussed.

Some palette issues are well known

Raid Battle/clock fix written, but not implemented. There are probably at least 60 raid battles in this quest.

Ending needs to be finished.

(goofed on the upload. Forgot to save)


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