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Report The Legend of Zelda 1.5: The Curse of Hyliana

Creator: leastamongmen Status: Active Genre: NES-style ZC Version: 2.50 Project Started: 14 Dec 2020 Project Opened: 03 Jan 2021

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My aim is to stay true to the "feel" of the original game, with a more sensible progression as a sequel. Standard 9 dungeon LOZ style quest, with houses & shops, several towns and diverse landscapes. Tons of sprite recolors, new enemies, and hidden items / areas. This game is meant to be open ended, with most areas of the map accessible from the beginning of the game, and most dungeons navigable (but not complete-able) at any level. Farming can be helpful, but for the most part is not necessary. All dungeons / entrances discreetly placed to promote exploration. Enjoy!