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Report The Legend of Nayru

Creator: MischeviousMalfais Status: Active Genre: Story-driven ZC Version: 2.53 Project Started: 01 Nov 2019 Project Opened: 03 Feb 2020

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In this quest, you play as Ralph. Your goal in life is to protect Nayru at all costs, even when that darn Link gets in the way!
Most of the game involves talking to NPC's, exploring, and reading text boxes. It will include 4 (ish) areas, that once traversed through will be inaccessible once you progress the story. The end of these areas will usually be marked by a sign that says 'DO NOT ENTER' or something to a like extent.
Ralph's sword is so useless that it does 0 damage, so to attack you must spend lots of rupees!