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Shattered Dreams


We're Going on a Quest!

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Posted 30 June 2024 - 07:00 PM

So, update!

The main script engine for the quest has been written and testing is now underway!
What this means: I will probably be releasing a "proof of concept" demo in the next week or two.
Other stuff: Here's a list of the side quests which you can undertake during the game!

  • Rescue Lulu- Gather 4 Indi-go-gos from across Termina.
    Go to northeast Termina shore. Defeat the boss.
    Obtain Captain's Hat. Unlocks Onox fight.
  • The Unhappy Couple- Speak to the wife in the cave in Southwest Termina.
    Speak to her husband in Moruge Swamp. Speak to the wife again. Reward- Couple's Mask.
  • The Loyal Postman- Speak to the man in a tree house in Moruge Swamp.
    Defeat 8 Great Beasts. Speak to a man south of Nabooru.
    Cross the west gap as Link. Defeat a boss for the Postman's Hat.
    Return to the man in Moruge Swamp. Receive 50 Rupees.
  • The Walrus and the Fairy- Speak to a Walrus south of Clock Town.
    Speak to a Fairy in Southwest Termina. Receive Don Gero's Mask.
  • To Tell the Truth- Speak to a soldier in the Tantari Desert.
    Complete any 8 sidequests. Obtain the Mask of Truth.
  • The Masked Batter- Speak to the bat in a whirlpool in Southwest Termina.
    Obtain half of all masks. Get Half Magic.
  • The Froggy Concerto- Speak to the Conductor in Nabooru Town.
    Obtain the Don Gero's Mask. Speak to 4 frogs around Termina.
    Receive 200 Rupees. Unlocks Veran fight.
  • All the Rage- Speak to a father in Mido Town.
    Buy a Kafei's Mask for 200 rupees. Deliver it to get a Ring Box.
  • The Cowardly Guard- Speak to a guard in Mido Town.
    Defeat 4 Great Beasts. Unlocks Nightmare battle.
  • The Lost Captain- Speak to the sailor in Mido Town.
    Speak to the Captain in a whirlpool in southwest Termina.
    Return to Mido Town and speak with the sailor again. Unlocks travel to east Termina.
  • A Terrible Fate- Speak to the Mask Salesman in Clock Town.
    Obtain all masks. Get Crystalline Flame.
  • The Dancing Subrosian- Speak to a Subrosian in a house in Mido Town.
    Recruit 4 Dancing Gorons around Termina.
    Deliver the Kamaro's Mask. Receive 100 rupees.
    Unlocks Vaati fight.
  • Stuck in My Head- Speak to Guru-Guru in Mido Town.
    Defeat the Nightmare. Obtain Bremen's Mask.
  • The Unfinished Bridge- Talk to man south of Nabooru.
    Defeat Onox. Unlocks fight to the west.
  • The Kidnapped Villagers- Speak to a man in New Kasuto.
    Defeat Vaati. Get Garo's Mask.
  • Restoring the Fountain- Speak to a guard in Rauru Town.
    Defeat Veran. Reward: Majora's Mask.

Lastly, here's a bucket of screenshots!

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