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The quest isn't dead: It's reloaded !

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Posted 16 May 2022 - 11:51 PM

Many of you may wondered what happened to the still in project Cursed Treasure quest. Many of you may think that the project was cancelled. However rest assured because the project quest isn't dead. Only i didn't worked on it due to complications with that quest. As result i have decided to remade the entire quest while keeping some stuffs already made in the original version of this quest. Right now i'll call it the "Cursed Treasure Reloaded". In the near future i'll make a new demo that will include a remoded overworld and dungeons, and fixed palettes so the palettes won't hurt your eyes due to the brightest of the palettes i have made before. However i won't use the same scripts as before since some doesn't work anymore or outdated. As result i had to cleans up everything. Of course i still have the original quest so i would remember things. However i'll switch certain areas in the map so you'll see what you will expect or not. I also planned a new area of the map but i cannot tell you more until everything is ready to put in action. I'll work in the Reloaded version of this quest in the same time i will work in the Dream Realm quest which is half way of being completed.

That said i'll also add new screenshots to remplace some old one.

Anyway i hope you'll play the new demo of this quest as soon the demo is ready to be played.
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