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A General/Unspecific Update

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#1 Majora


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Posted 11 May 2022 - 03:53 AM

So right now I'm primarily trying to get a handle on the foundations. Namely, hero sprite and any kind of global settings/scripts/mechanics. Anything in the scripting database here mentioning dark souls will be implemented (at time of writing, dodge rolling + estus flasks + status effects. All by Moosh, what a legend)

The player will use a 32x32 sprite for all animations. This will probably be the hardest aspect to build.

Otherwise I am currently building the first area. A forest and the starting village within it, naturally.

I'm trying to evolve my map making design, and going for bigger and more open maps that also have alternate connecting paths. More or less shortcuts but primarily just alternate paths out of an area.

Sideview will be heavily used for ancilliary things like grottos and paths to move between floors in dungeons. Grottos (holes in the ground like in Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask) will be plenty (maybe even occasionally more than one per screen) and by default will be side view. Caves (as in, a hole in a wall outside) will most likely be primarily topdown view by default.

I want to give players a reason to explore and also revisit areas. This will also be a challenge.

As of this post, I've only just begun making the general layout of the forest and village. You have probably seen the topic in the forums announcing a browser implementation/"port" of ZC/Q and i've been abusing it to work on mapmaking/screen building when I'm not at my PC.

Oh right and I'm building this quest in the Pure Remembrance tileset, but also importing things left and right as needed. I am looking for spriters too, so please contact me if you wanna chip in any loose tiles.

Uhhh that's all I got for this stream of consciousness, mostly to make use of this quest project system.
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#2 Moosh


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Posted 11 May 2022 - 03:16 PM

The player will use a 32x32 sprite for all animations. This will probably be the hardest aspect to build.

When you have all your sprites together, let me know. My scripts don't usually account for Big Link because nobody ever uses the feature, but it's an easy enough change to add.

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