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Remembrance of Shadows


Changing Minds... and Tilesets

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Posted 31 January 2021 - 06:44 PM

So, after the release at the Expo last year I realized something quite significant.
That was, the fact the plot made absolutely no sense.
Even within the larger frame of my own fan theories, it was completely bonkers.
As a result, I decided to revise it.

Along with these alterations, I changed a number of other aspects.
Those included how you fought enemies.
Since the use of the Ocarina of Time was (rightly) deemed annoying, I made a scripted sword.
Based in appearance on the Fierce Diety's Sword from Majora's Mask, this was dubbed the Shadow Splitter.

I also created 4 tech upgrades you could obtain throughout the story.
These would be the Sword Beam, Spin Attack, Dash Attack and homing Shadow Swarm.
Not to remove the song abilities entirely, I chose to instead rework them into 4 songs you could learn.
Right now, these are the Song of Healing (restores HP), Song of Soaring (opens warp points and creates whistle whirlwind),
Song of Slumber (puts enemies to sleep) and Remembrance of Shadows (buffs all your attacks).

Next, I began making new areas which expanded on the story.
These would be dream sequences of characters which Marin encountered that blocked her way.
By entering this dark, twisted version of Koholint; she could find new powers and abilities.

I'd finished all of these adjustments when a new tileset was submitted to the database.
It was the Super GameBoy Tileset by HeroOfFire
This caught my eye for two reasons.
First, it was brighter and more vibrant than the one I'd begun the quest in.
Second, the palettes seemed to have more variety.

As a result I begun the painstaking process of changing everything over to the new tileset.
At this point, I'm back to the same point in development I was before making this choice.
I've also submitted a new demo which shows off the quest up to the end of level 2.

Please take a look at it and the new screenshots for the quest.
I'm interested in feedback to further improve my work.
This quest isn't going to be as long as some of my others, so hopefully the development cycle will be significantly shorter.

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