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The Cursed Treasure


Project Opened

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Posted 14 February 2018 - 07:19 PM

I know you wanted that i make a recreation version of my original quest by longtime ago. Now i'm happy to announces you it's now possible.

The quest project the Cursed Treasure is now opened for everyone ! :D
As you can see there's many modifications i did made from my original quest that i'll show you immediatly.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

You may wondering why it take me so long to finally post this project quest. Well i was pretty busy with something very important.
Don't worry if you're waiting the remastered version of Mayath Island. the story will not change and also i planning to finish this project quest as the same time of the Remastered version of Mayath island. In another words: I'll make this quest and Mayath Island Remastered "linked". That means the two quest project will open secrets dungeons only via the code everyone will gots on endings of every quest. Mayath Island Remastered or the Cursed Treasure. That'll allow to unlock True Final Dungeon respectively as "Temple of Time" for Mayath Island Remastered, and the "Temporal Tower" for the Cursed Treasure.
Whoever for that kind of codes to unlock dungeons i'll need a specific global script for the 2 quests i did mentionned early. So that's why everyone who wants to contribuate of that kind of global script are very welcome. As bonus they'll all free to create thoses special dungeons on they own desires.

That why as for today Mayath Island Remastered and the Cursed Treasure project quest will be know as the Special Remake project 2018. I'll give you more details about that but be sure the Special Remake Project 2018 will consern the two quests projects.

This is all i wanted to ask you.
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