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Serenus Island


Serenus Island

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 11:02 AM

Hello, Everyone, this is my new Quest Project, Serenus Island.
I would like to share some things about the quest.

The Quest Genre is a bit of a cross between different genres.

It has an NES-Style element, where you get to travel an open world, where you can pretty much go anywhere you like, and you have to collect 8 different items.

It has a bit of Metroidvania in it too, because of it's take on exploration where you travel a large map, and you have to find out what you have to do next through traveling to various locations in game. That's how you progress the story.

It also has a fair bit of story, so you have that Story-Driven Element in there too.

This quest's development started almost Immediately after Sanctuary Tree was cancelled.

Serenus Island is using Sanctuary Tree's Tileset for development.

The quest will not be extremely heavy on dungeons either. there will be a few, but you'll have to acquire the other "Triforce Pieces" by other means.

Freedom in Exploration will play a large role in this game as well. You can access most of the areas in the game from the moment you start the game.
There are certain areas in game that require specific items to reach too, and a few items will have different purposes such as needing them to progress in dungeons.

The Game's world will be relatively peaceful as well, as only certain areas of the game will have hostile creatures.

And finally, due to the nature of this quest, the game will only receive demos for certain parts of the game, such as dungeons.
So you won't be seeing any Overworld in any of the Demos.

After the Mystical Ring fiasco, I think I have started a Quest Project that WILL be completed one day in future.
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