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Passage Through Time

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Passage Through Time LP- By MeleeWizard

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#1 ywkls



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Posted 23 February 2020 - 05:22 PM

Passage Through Time LP- Part 1


Several months after the first part of this series., this requested playthrough has begun.
A little background on this quest.
The initial idea behind this was to revisit areas seen in only a handful of games, in a unique story.
More specifically; Holodrum, Labrynna and Termina.
However, I soon realized that cramming all of these areas into one quest would be nearly impossible.
This gave rise to a new concept: a series of quests centered around one storyline.
This is the second in that series.
The time warping system used here was devised by justin, then refined by ZoriaRPG.
A way to select a specific time of day was conceived of, but I had trouble implementing it.
As a result, get used to hearing the harp a lot. I can't do very much about having the walk out of cave animation play multiple times.
Every single treasure spot in the quest on the overworld has 4 different treasures, one at each time of day.
The blue chests are an exception, each requiring one of the special overworld keys like the one found in this part.
The 10 Gold Monsters are all optional, harder versions of normal enemies.
You must find all 10 for a reward.
The mysterious guy on the beach is part of the trading sequence.
There are a lot of those spots around the quest, so hopefully notes will be taken so we can go back and take care of them.
There's a way to make finding the Gold Skulltulas easier and it is now available, if the player is good enough.
Getting all 50 won't happen until nearly the end of the quest, though.
Regarding the overworld exploration, the quest truly encourages it and often rewards it.
There are some areas where it is more dangerous to venture at certain times of day, though.
By the way, finishing the trading sequence, Gold Skulltula hunt and Gold Beast hunt will not only get great rewards, but also unlocks the quest's true ending.

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#2 ywkls



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Posted 25 February 2020 - 03:07 PM

Part 2


The path is rather open-ended yet linear after level 1.

While you can enter any level seen here, only level 2 will let you finish them.


The overabundance of money is a common complaint about this quest.

I'm honestly not sure how to solve it.


The mechanics of what are open when are a bit obscure and only referenced in signs in an area which hasn't been shown yet.

The fact that those vines in the graveyard and another obstacle recede at Twilight isn't referenced.

So, I will plan to add a clue for that soon.


The various Nayru encounters are all optional.

They offer a bit of additional story and commentary on what is going on.


All of the Blue Chests offer a reward, though 2 of them are just rupees.

There are precisely as many of the overworld Keys as there are Blue Chests.

I now know how to make their keys Blue too so it will be more obvious what they are for.


I have to wonder how many people have said "I can't get to that tree stump" .

Maybe some kind of hint nearby would be helpful.

#3 ywkls



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Posted 27 February 2020 - 03:25 PM

Part 3


The desert to the north shown at the end is indeed the intended route.

Some other items of note include the fact that the chests which hold the Quiver and Bomb Bag upgrades are special.

A script runs on that screen which changes their contents depending on what you have.


That time warp below level 5 was a recent quality of life improvement.

Previously, you had to warp near the Temple of Time in order to change the time of day.

Also, going inside that one version of the Temple of TIme is what reset the time outside.


A lot of the secrets which can't be obtained at this point are due to the lack of the boomerang.

Regarding the Skulltula King, the item it gives you activates at any time of day where there is a Gold Skulltula,

This is only true if you haven't collected that Gold Skulltula and should activate at all times of day.


Concerning the trading quest, some later steps are inside dungeons; so finishing it requires a good deal of effort.

The reward is worth it in my opinion, though even I feel that better hints to where to go might be useful.

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Posted 29 February 2020 - 02:53 PM

Part 4


Looking back, I never really thought about how huge that desert area is.

Watching this inspired me to add a shortcut in and out of the area near the Gerudo Stronghold.

Also, there were several spots with a Gold Skulltula on it where flags were fixed.


The Nayru encounters are all optional.

They do absolutely nothing but flesh out the story.

There are 10 of them in all.


That was indeed the start of the Trading Sequence.

It has 18 more steps, half of which are various characters and half are the wandering archer.

Steps 12- 18 are all in or near dungeons, but the various steps there are all close to one another.

And after finishing it you can get a few more rewards from a house in the north village.


That Golden Darknut requires an item from the final dungeon to beat.

This is only so you can't finish that task until near the end of the quest.

#5 ywkls



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Posted 02 March 2020 - 02:47 PM

Part 5

You know, I think SCKnuckles went through this same process of elimination locating level 3.

Lots of sidequest stuff found, so that's good at least.

Just so you know, that time portal inside Hyrule Castle requires the hookshot to access.


That shortcut near level 6 requires the boomerang, but once active; lets you get in and out easily.

Good job on the Golden Beasts!

For reference, you still need to find the Golden Armos, Like Like and Rope.

You've already stumbled across the Golden Darknut.


I had a lot of fun setting up the various Nayru encounters.

I've lost count of how many you've found.

Also, you can speak with Nayru inside the castle.

If you finish the Trading Sequence and find all Nayru spots; you open a secret shop.

#6 ywkls



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Posted 04 March 2020 - 03:18 PM

Part 6


Not having enough arrow drops is an oversight on my part.

They've now been added to the pool for pots and grass


Those logic puzzles are based on a script written for me by justin.

If you get the order wrong, the whole puzzle resets.

Most players just guess so I'm glad to see them being solved as intended.


I really like the "warp maze" theme of level 4, even though it is relatively short.

I know how to do the gimmick from level 3 with multiple flame paths better now.


The Big Gibdo is designed to guard itself periodically.

I changed the script for the Moldorm recently so only the tail is weak, though I'm not sure if it is really an improvement.

As for the Wood Warden, that was an original idea which was hard to implement but fun to make.


Hopefully you won't have any trouble finding the rest of the levels.

#7 ywkls



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Posted 06 March 2020 - 04:15 PM

Part 7


That warp maze in level 4 is meant to mess with your head, so good job getting through.

The Nightmare was one of the first scripted bosses I successfully made on my own.


Making level 5 sideview didn't turn out quite like I planned.

Also, the enemies are much stronger than their counterparts outside for no specific reason.


In addition to the sword upgrade, the Pegasus Boots also unlock a Tunic upgrade in an area you've visited before.

Hint; Look in the large desert around the Gerudo Stronghold


All of the enemies in level 5 are based on ones released by Moosh, with some slight tweaks.

Hopefully you'll be able to continue to make headway going forward.

#8 ywkls



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Posted 08 March 2020 - 06:28 PM

Part 8


I heartily wish I'd never made the boss of level 5.

It is a franken-scripted combination of enemies which should never have existed.

Level 6's boss is considerably better and one of my favorites in the quest.


Windswept Jail is designed to mess with your head, given the billions of warp spots.

I do like that you found that one boomerang shortcut without having to go back for it.

And yes, 90 percent of Gold Skulltulas require boomerang.


That one Pegasus Boots spot by the Windmill conceals one more secret at a different time of day.

Getting to the Windmill itself requires the Flippers.


That one game can only be won once.

I never really figured out how to make it work properly.

And yes, the Boomerang upgrade in that shop is required.

#9 ywkls



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Posted 10 March 2020 - 01:57 PM

Part 9


I heartily agree that the enemy selection in level 7 isn't strong enough.

The boss is a script that was shared with me by Moosh.


There are sadly not that many hookshot points in the overworld.

By the time I determined when it would be added, most of that had already been designed.

It is, however; heavily utilized in dungeons.


This also marks the halfway point in the quest.

Now is the time to start checking out the various sidequests which haven't been done if you intend to.

Just for reference the rewards are: level 3 arrows, Whimsical Ring with 100% critical rate, Peril Ring, a Heart Piece and level 5 sword.

#10 ywkls



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Posted 12 March 2020 - 02:46 PM

Part 10


Level 8 is similar to level 2, where each horizontal section represents a floor.

The boss, Helmasaur King; was released by Moosh for Enemy of the Month.


I'm not entirely sure how I could make the path afterwards clearer.

There's a house in the same village as level 8 guarded by hammer pegs.


Also, the vines which grow on the other side of the long tunnel in the village have hammer pegs beyond them.

Both of those routes lead to new levels.


There aren't a lot of other overworld hammer routes, unfortunately.

#11 ywkls



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Posted 14 March 2020 - 02:28 PM

Part 11


Glad to see that things are moving along.

For reference, the blue tunic is available as soon as you complete the Daylit Crevasse.


There a number of other things which can be reached now as well; including Red Tunic,

A Bomb Bag and Quiver upgrades are hidden in some of the Blue Chests that you can reach also.


The boss of level 9 was using an outdated version of the script.

The current one is available on the PureZC database for anybody who wants to try it out.

The mini-boss is on there too, under the name "Nessie" .


There are a few more shops though it will be a while before you can access them.

#12 ywkls



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Posted 16 March 2020 - 02:08 PM

Part 12




I wish that this quest had more to offer than rupees, but I ran out of other rewards.

I will wait until closer to the end to comment on the trading sequence stuff.


You're in the right place regarding the level 3 Sword.

The level 4 sword requires an item from level 13.


Watching this made me realize how badly the front and back halves of the village near the path to the sky need a shortcut.

So, I'm adding one.


You've got the way to enter level 10, but other routes will require things you don't already have.

#13 ywkls



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Posted 18 March 2020 - 06:16 PM

Part 13


Just for reference, the dungeon in the village is number 12.

Level 11 is across a sea of spikes near level 2.

There aren't a lot of spike spots to cross elsewhere, sadly


You're doing quite well on collecting the gold skulltulas.

There are a few which are more obscure to obtain and require completing sections of the trading sequence.


Speaking of which, all parts of the trading sequence are in and around dungeons after level 11.

If you were getting them as you went along, it would definitely be easier.


Level 10 is the first 2 floor dungeon in the quest and far from the last.

Things are definitely getting more intense.

Level 10 also features my scripted traps in a number of areas.


The mini-boss and boss scripts are both available on the database.

They are the Iron Knuckle and Acheman, respectively.

#14 ywkls



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Posted 21 March 2020 - 03:49 PM

Part 14


In a way, level 12 suffers from a design flaw.

A lot of the paths you can take are hidden by things which require the Lens of Truth to reveal.

Unfortunately, that's also the level item.

So, you're forced to brute force it in order to progress.


Two wallmaster grabs in one run is unprecedented in my experience with that place.

Maybe knowing where they are makes it easier for me?

In any case, getting back where you were didn't seem to take that long.


The mini-boss is indeed Frankenstein's Monster from Castlevania with the roar from the Minish Cap Blacksmith. Nice catch!

The boss didn't work out exactly as I intended, but that is true with a number of other ideas from this quest.


The sword spot in the town by level 8 requires the level 4 Sword to open, which you can't access until after a later area.

Looks like you're getting close to the end.

Hopefully you won't find things too hard to complete.

#15 ywkls



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Posted 22 March 2020 - 02:09 PM

Part 15


So, the update you referred to isn't yet available since I'm waiting for the LP to be done before doing that.

There does need to be a clue or hint of some sort about the existence of things on top of that mountain.


The missing Skulltula indicated there appears after that step in the trading sequence is completed.

Level 11 is definitely filled with lava and currents... and path puzzles.

I really went overboard with them in that area.


The dungeon itself is complex and has 3 floors.

Also, there are a handful of places where you can get softlocked as seen in the video.

I've edited them out as I find them and this the latest to be repaired.


The logic puzzles are also going to get more complex, unfortunately.

Fortunately, it is generally possible to guess the solution.

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