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Passage Through Time

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Creator: ywkls Genre: Scripted Updated: 06 Jun 2021 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 2288 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.82/5 (10 ratings) Download Quest
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The whole world is locked in one of four times of day and it is up to you to journey from one area to another to get time moving again and defeat those responsible for this. Each time of day has different tasks to be performed. More freedom of movement is permitted, though ultimately your course is restricted by the need to collect all of the major items.
  • 15 dungeons, including a massive 5-floor final dungeon that requires shifting through time in order to reach the end.
  • All bosses and mini-bosses are fully scripted, including 14 enemies unique to this quest.
  • A complex overworld, requiring constantly shifting times of day to reach all areas and secrets.
  • Extensive sidequests, including a lengthy trading game, a hunt for Gold Skulltulas and the extermination of rare Golden Monsters.
  • Two alternate endings, depending on how many optional tasks you complete.
  • Over 20 other scripted effects, including a working Minecart, Guards and unique puzzles.
All future updates will use Version 4.
Version 1.0 Changes- -

Version 2.0 Changes

Version 3.0 Changes

Version 4.0 Changes
The Hero who saved the land of Holodrum has been called upon once again to aid those in distress. Bereft of the items he needs to fight the evil that has overrun Hyrule, he must journey throughout the land in order to recover the lost fragments of the Triforce and restore time to its natural flow.
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This quest is has an extremely linear, non-linear design. You must complete two dungeons to unlock the next two, but which of those that you choose to enter is up to you.
Tileset- Dance of Remembrance (Hybrid)
Testers- Lejes, Darunia, car80
Script Advisers- Lejes, Moosh, ZoriaRPG, justin
Music- Espilan, Oulisa, Radien, Vargen, Bagel, SiGuy, Shadow143, SinclairC, Blitz Lunar
Scripts- justin, Moosh, Saffith, Joe123, MoscowModder, Dimentio, Avataro, Lejes
Sprites- MasterManiac, DaLink, BruceJuice, Vaati, Radien, Saffith, Ricky of Kokiri, Lotus Eater,
Strato, Jupiter, Anthus, FireSeraphim, Joe123, Moosh, TommyLee, CCC, CastChaos,
Barubary, redblueyellow, Davias, SmithyGCN, CrimsonPenguin, Pepeztyle, Kenju,
Tonberry2K, Ryan914, Kazuu90210, Relic, Red Halberd, Ether
Enhanced Graphics- xenomicx
Special Thanks- Lejes- For the ghost.zh tutorial and thoroughly testing the quest.
Dimentio- For streaming the quest, creating the script for Vaati's final form and generating good ideas.
Eppy- For finally posting his stream of this so I could fix even more issues.
Epsalon ZX- For doing extensive post-release testing to clear up some as yet undiscovered bugs.
All scripters, Nintendo
SCKnuckles & MeleeWizard- For doing an LP of the quest.