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The Forbidden City

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The Forbidden City

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#631 Chris


    The Sun Is in Your Hand!

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Posted 09 January 2019 - 06:11 PM

So finally looked up my notes and actually there barely are any negative ones, more cool things I noted for inspiration like the deku stick. I have to say though that there were a few items too many for my taste, making changing a bit annoying at times.

I have a note about how change some triggers on and off with the slingshot in lvl 1 was a bit confusing and that the backtracking to the doorkeeper Nobooru felt unneeded, but yeah, actually don't remember much about that :/

There are block puzzles in lvl 2 where you see the location if block triggers in another room. I didn't figure it out for quite some time and just solved the puzzle by randomly pushing the blocks around, wondering about their purpose :/

There is the hint about treasures about the end of the rainbows. A bit unneeded since the many colors make it obvious, I had though to look up the color order, that would have been more helpful. :P
Great and fun idea though, only the sound when you killed the correct enemy is a bit too helpful imo.

There is a guy in a cave congratulating me on the lvl 2 ringbox. Is that guy supposed to give me hints otherwise? It confused me a bit because it's the only cave that didn't give me anything. Also, as cool as the rings are, there are many interesting ones that I simply never used because if the overly strong ones :/

Don't get me wrong, they are great and I love them! Typically though I just went with the best ring that reduced danage with low hearts plus the one that refills most hearts with tonic.

Level 5 had some great ideas that could also be really frustrating though. Most noteworthy the colored floors to remember that are fun to figure out the first time, but if you realize you don't get a shortcut after solving, I simply made a screenshot to draw on. Also the side screen with the ample, I dread that one ;p

Deku trees grow far too fast! It's like running around, killing a few enemies, and it's grown already...

In lvl 6 there is this one room where below an Armos you can dig. I got stuck forever there because it isn't all that obvious with the ground being all red. Instead I searched for a ring (statue hinted at a ring, not a seed) to upgrade my candle because I assumed with it I could light the bomb from behind the barrier. Got me really frustrated ;p

That's all I could find. Otherwise nothing to complain about. Rarely got frustrated, overall a lot of fun with many great ideas. I only can repeat again, great game.

For promised land, I decided to delete my notes and replay it again. It's pretty similar though, I love it too. There were some puzzles that didn't really work out, so I might have a bit more to say there. Not all people can be smart enough to solve your puzzles with wits ;)

#632 Jamian


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Posted 10 January 2019 - 06:20 AM

Thanks for the comments. I agree backtracking to Nabooru before opening level 2 was not needed, even though it is a short trip. The guy who congratulates you on the L-2 ringbox does give you hints if you missed it by then. Otherwise there is no point to him. I could have made this clearer by making him say something like "So you'd like a level 2 ring box huh? I know where you can find that... Oh never mind, you already have it.". When I play myself I also only use a handful of rings, which is how I also played in the Oracle games. Creating rings that are useful enough to be used, but not so OP that you'll play the whole game with them, was actually quite hard. As for the Deku trees growing rate, it depends on the soil, some are pretty slow but some are fast. As a rule of thumb I didn't want the player to wait forever, especially as not all Deku seeds give great rewards.

#633 GamingNomad


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Posted 18 January 2022 - 04:38 PM

Anyone know where the last key in level 6 is? I need it to open a lock block that leads to a lever on the 3rd floor to lower some panels, and I’ve already got the key on the far east side of the 1st floor, the room where the big conveyer belt leads to. Any ideas?

#634 matski



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Posted 19 May 2024 - 04:13 PM

You need to fall down through the crumbling floor after the bright orange teleporter to a room you've already visited. The bright orange teleporter is very well hidden and can't be seen with the space bar map.

I am stuck finding the key after the boss door in level 7.  I have fallen down the crumbling room but I can't figure out what to do.  All I see is two spikes on the floor at the left and right most room. In the rightmost room, you can use the hookshot to go up, but I am not seeing anything else. What am I missing? 

#635 Pjthehuman



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Posted 05 June 2024 - 02:05 AM

Okay. I am stuck at level 3. I don't know what to do about the blocks. Am i suppost to have the bow before entering this dungeon?

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