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Remembrance of Shadows

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Remembrance of Shadows LP- By Pen Adelie

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Posted 26 December 2023 - 07:14 PM

Remembrance of Shadows- Part 1
Part 2


Time for the next iteration of someone playing this quest!


There's all sort of things to unpack about it, but here's a few general thoughts.

The design is filled to the brim with nostalgia as mentioned,

Practically every important item and event you could encounter in Link's Awakening is referenced here.

This extends to many cameos and collectibles, along with a whole host of side quests.


This quest also tried to branch out into more innovative puzzle design.

For example, in the first dungeon we see two new inclusions.

These both rely upon the same scripted push blocks, but take completely different forms.

An attempt was made to have something new in every dungeon.

It should be noted that the way that the first level is made was tweaked slightly due to an issue where you could miss the boss key rather easily which would force you to back track in order to open the chest with the Roc's Feather inside, which originally required that.


The mini dungeons here were inspired by Legend of Link: the New Legacy.

I had just tested it a short time before I stared work on this quest,

It incorporated a similar mechanic, but I wanted mine to be used for a different purpose,

They fleshed out the back story, which isn't covered anywhere else.

They also consist almost entirely of puzzles, which I really enjoyed.

Many of the features shown off in them will make their appearance in normal dungeons later on.


Each of the bosses here is twice as strong as their original form.

This applies to both HP and attack strength.

They also have regen, because of course they do.

The path puzzles do make a return, but I tried to vary them- by adding spinners in later areas! (Yes, I am evil,)

Those pits are more refined, but still a bit janky.

The jump is timed to make exactly two spaces the maximum you can do.


It should be noted that the story segments in the Siren's Keeps should be taken with a grain of salt.

There's a plot detail revealed very late in the game which calls into question their accuracy.

Recreating scenes from other Zelda games and adding new ones was a lot of fun for me.

Also, somewhere along in here was the point in originally making the game that I realized that my plot was messed up.

A lot was revised, because it didn't mesh with the rest of the series.


Those tree stumps are part of a mechanic which can't be activated just yet.

Don't worry, they will be very useful when the time comes.

The blue keys were carefully placed so that you can't use all of them up before you reach the useful items which they unlock.

I don't think that you can miss any of the side quests, but you can get some awesome rewards by pursuing them immediately.

There is actually one missable side quest, but you can get the item which it rewards you with from another side quest later in the plot.

There are no hidden items in any dream sequences.


The shadow shard mechanic was one of favorite ideas.

There are 10 in total.

You get no special item for getting them all and they aren't required for anything.

They just act as quality of life improvements.


The sleepy bosses were an idea for mixing up the behaviors of enemies you have seen before.

I wanted to make it where you just didn't find the dungeon keys, but had to overcome a challenge first.

That key block in the graveyard is for much, much later.

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Posted 27 December 2023 - 11:34 PM

Part 3


The 3d in 2d trend continues! I will never get tired of this.

Like multilevel and over/under, they're a tradition I fully intend to continue.


The trampoline was an attempt at a script that didn't really work as intended.

There's a reason that's the only one in the quest.


These step on a tile puzzles use a similar method to the path puzzles to work. 

They just drop you in a pit if you fail.

Unlike the other paths, you can jump here.

Good thing, or you'd never get by!


The Power Bracelet has an interesting quirk I coded in.

The object thrown is coded to mirror whatever you picked up.

It was at this point in designing the quest that I came up with my brilliant plan!

All of the bosses would require the dungeon's item to win.

This resulted in quite a few innovative designs.


If you look on the floor of the dungeon outside the secret room, the tile is different to mark the location.

There's also an item you can get to indicate the locations of secrets.

These are part of a quest to face a super-boss.

This is not required for the best ending.


That particular shortcut was added due to many people forgetting to go back to the early blocked paths.

By including it, this was made much easier.

You can see the locations of items on the scripted map if you get lost.

Also, you do realize that you can jump over traps; right?


These Instrument quotes are actually based on a guide I once made for Link's Awakening.

Also, I love these context sensitive events.

They're the bread and butter of this quest.

That warp in the dream sequence is unique, because there's a way to get locked out if you're not careful.


The Song of Soaring is one of my favorite features in this quest.

Each warp point must be activated manually.

In dungeons, it acts like Farore's Wind.

Not everyone used this feature, though.





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Posted 28 December 2023 - 11:21 PM

Part 4


There are a number of times whenever you must visit the Wind Fish to progress.

These are usually clearly telegraphed, but some are less so.


There are a few of those Dream of Koholint areas which you can unlock that aren't story related.

Each one requires the items from two different dungeons to progress,


One of the things that I tried to do with the Siren's Keeps was to combine puzzles in new and interesting ways.

This example of combined spinners, warps, red/blue blocks and more is the first.

This dungeon is the first one where you could have conceivably used the new feature of the Song of Soaring.

By placing a warp point at will, you can bypass a certain amount of backtracking if you miss something.


I've always liked these puzzles where you make a path.

They're really underused, in my opinion.

I think that this one especially messes with your brain.


I used sprites for the various Sirens which I felt would be easily recognizable.

Here's the list of their identities in the order of their appearance.

Sirens of Koholint

If anyone wants to suggest names (or can find some which are canon) for those without ones; I'd welcome it!

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Posted 29 December 2023 - 11:14 PM

Part 5


Collecting the Secret Seashells opens an optional dungeon.

Finishing that gets a sword upgrade.

This is one of the requirements for the post-game content.


Each of the warp points in the original is used as a doorway to the Dream of Koholint.

These are optional challenge areas with rewards tucked inside.

Also, the Song of Soaring is disabled in these regions.


There are a few other items hidden under objects in the world.

Pay close attention to find them all.

Also, I find it amusing that you accidentally found out about the no-jump script on the screen with the hedge maze.


The warp points are scripted to sequence in a specific order.

However, you can open up any of them that you want as you find one.


DId you know? The ability to jump off cliffs between screens isn't supported usually.
I added it for this quest for authenticity.


The four fairy sisters have special requirements for each one.

Satisfying them is part of the process of accessing the post-game.


Accessing the Wind Fish is restricted to specific points in the story.

Generally, you will be told when it is possible to enter the Dream Shrine and speak with him.


Those enemies in the dream weren't supposed to be shielded.

I will fix this at once.

Sadly, shield removal isn't really possible.

Also, I have no quests where eating shields is possible by enemies,

Interestingly, some users have encountered a bug where a shield upgrade disappears after you get it.

I've yet to figure this one out,


I agree that going all the way back is annoying in the dream.

Added a shortcut as a result.

By the way, none of the regular enemies have been adjusted from however they were set up in the tileset.

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Posted 30 December 2023 - 10:50 PM

Part 6


I knew when I stared working on this quest that Kanalet Castle would be a dungeon.

And of course, this is where the red/blue blocks really start to be used.

The Song of Soaring indeed defaults to the dungeon entrance if you don't set it up.

Having a warp point set up with it elsewhere is useful for times when you die.

You can't use it to cheat puzzles or bosses, since it's use is disabled in those rooms.


The fill in the hole puzzle is new for this dungeon.

I didn't think I could do the type where you direct the block with the buttons.

However, I would later figure out how.


The push blocks can be a bit hard to get used to.

I had to work diligently even to get them to work, so I'm thankful that they function at all.


I will admit that remembering that boss lock block exists isn't entirely intuitive.

I wish that there was a better way for me to let players know that is the course to take.

It is nice to see someone using the Song of Soaring in dungeons as it is intended.

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Posted 31 December 2023 - 10:35 PM

Part 7


I learned the lesson of the invisible pits quickly.

This is the only dungeon where we have that issue, I believe.


Some of these bosses are less inspired than others.

Such is the fate of those who choose to have different sprites for every major foe.


There's actually a way to kill the optional boss here in one hit.
I will point it out when you get the right item.


I'm not entirely sure why you can travel diagonally on path puzzles at times.

There's not much I can do to prevent it.


Nice to see the scripted map being used for once.

A lot of people seem to not realize that it exists.


I really love this boss.

It's one of the best in my opinion.

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Posted 01 January 2024 - 07:37 PM

Part 8


Bringing back the puzzles where the blocks change direction was always going to come back.

This is such a great feature I discovered by accident.


The puzzles where you avoid the eyes might need an explanation for those unfamiliar with it.

I will probably add one in the next build of the quest.

They use sensitive triggers, which is why they're so easy to set off.


Combining red/blue switches and path puzzles?

The first tier of more complexity is now unlocked!


I deliberately chose to make it where you couldn't hit the red/blue blocks at a distance.

This was mostly to avoid permastuck situations.


It's not immediately obvious, but you have to lift all the skulls to solve that one puzzle in the Keep.

I shall probably add a sign there too.


I don't have any shortcut warps in the Keeps.

This is mostly because of their optional nature.

However, you can also use the Song of Soaring to set up a return point.

The boss' tendency to become vulnerable is basically random.

I don't know how to improve it, really.


I chose this monkey due to the location of this keep and the nearby dungeon.

It is suggested that this is Kiki and I don't really have any better identity for her.

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Posted 02 January 2024 - 11:51 PM

Part 9


The special events like the one with Mr. Write are scripted to happen if you visit certain people at the right time.

Each one results in a ring which you can wear for special effects.

These are all optional, but will improve the quality of life for players.


I decided to have 4 sword abilities as 4 song abilities for this game.

You already have two songs.

This is the second sword power.

It's quite useful and you can get a ring to make it charge faster.

There was a recently discovered bug with the spin attack I fixed for this version which let you walk on water while it was charging.

Also, you can charge and keep that active as you transit screens.


One aspect of the sidequests are characters who don't appear until a certain point in the quest.

The mermaid is one example of this,

Similarly, going back to Ulrira triggers an event that wouldn't appear before.


Each of the 4 fairies have a requirement for the post-game,

Satisfying them all is needed to enter the secret final dungeon.


This quicksand was really neat to make.

It's a variation on the pits and lava you've already seen with a fancy graphic.


The optional dream sequences are all designed with item requirements so you can't get ahead of the plot.

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Posted 04 January 2024 - 10:53 PM

Part 10


The Mothula graphics and script are almost identical to their appearance in Balance of Nature.

This is the only repeat boss from earlier quests.


In many ways I regard level 4 as a failure,

I had a certain goal in mind, but it didn't really work out as I wanted.

Many of these puzzles involving jumping over pits are just too sensitive,


You are intended to have obtained the armor upgrade by this point in the quest,

There is only one required item in the blue chests.

The wallet upgrade is actually a progressive secret.

You can get a second one at a later point.


You can actually still buy potions during the sidequest with Crazy Tracy.

I don't really give any clues as to how to satisfy these sidequests.

Maybe I should?


You can see some hidden npcs on the map.

These are context sensitive and won't be there until the right time.

Also, the interiors of houses will change to match some events.


The rings are each able only to be equipped one at a time.

You can select them on the subscreen.

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Posted 05 January 2024 - 11:15 PM

Part 11


Is a hint needed for that puzzle with the Triforce lookalikes?

I'm not entirely sure. The same thing is true with the pots you must lift for a key,


Many of the alternate enemy choices are part of the tileset rather than my personal choices.

There are of course my usual spate of specially scripted foes.


I like how the Secret Ring also works in dungeons.

This was to indicate the location of the Zol Fragment.


I agree that the fast leever on that one screen needs to go.

It has now been replaced.

That one screen with the pits and the fire Whizrobe has nothing else in it.

I may add something so that people don't think they should cross those pits for no reason.


The Subterror script is probably my favorite up to this point.

He's got so many different things that he does.


This is my latest variety of boomerang.

It can be thrown at will in any direction.


The boss' behavior is very inconsistent.

I'm not entirely sure why,

It's supposed to be stunned by the boomerang, but this doesn't always work.

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Posted 07 January 2024 - 09:56 AM

Part 12


One of the many things that happened in the train wreck that is Ramrock was a quirk with his health.

He's actually got really low HP and only takes a few hits to kill.

I set this part up on purpose, but just because the script was being quirky.

Also, the window of time where he's vulnerable is way too short.


The Keep of the Desert is one of my favorites.

I'm always amazed by how much content I can stuff into so few rooms.

This dungeon features the return of the cup puzzle.


There were several things that I wanted to do in this keep which just didn't work out.

One of these was moving platforms, which simply decided not to cooperate.


This puzzle with aiming the boomerang to carry the flame is new for this area.

I liked it a lot and determined to use it in future quests.


Have I mentioned that Ramrock is broken? Because he is.

Those hands are always supposed to explode before the body.

But they don't at the lower difficulty setting.

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Posted 07 January 2024 - 11:47 AM

Part 13


There's no real clue about what opened up when you trigger those secrets in the dream areas.

I think I will make that easier to figure out.


I do like how you can look around to find various secrets using the map.

It makes figuring out where you need to go much easier.


It's not your imagination.

These dream sequences are indeed getting longer.

This is a result of getting further along in the quest.


The Song of Storms was a compromise when it came to design.

I wanted to have 4 songs overall.

However, I had a lot of trouble coming up with this one.

As a result, it isn't used very much.


Many people who got to this point neglected to visit the Wind Fish.

As a result, they tended to have to backtrack at some point.

Also, this is timed perfectly so you get the Flippers just before you need them.


I tried to use every Mario type enemy which ever appeared in Link's Awakening.

Of course, I use updated sprites.


I'm not sure why the Spin Attack doesn't work sometimes.

Making a quest is half guesswork at times.


There are exactly two Zol Fragments on the overworld. 

This was to make it where you get 10 in all.


Great care was taken to replicate all of the cave designs in completely accurate detail.

This doesn't include enemies, though.

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Posted 07 January 2024 - 07:34 PM

Part 14


The way to level 5 is probably the most complicated of any dungeon.

This was partially to make sure that you got all of the required upgrades.


There's a separate subscreen for the rings.

You have to pay attention to the onscreen instructions to access it.

For reference, open the subscreen; then press L and down to view the rings.

They can be selected by pressing left or right.


Level 4 is an interesting design.

The top half is a normal underwater area.

The bottom half is all sideview swimming.

Fortunately, I think I finally ironed out all the issues with that.

The settings for how you move are a little hard to get right.


That message is because this is the first normal dungeon that puzzle is in.

If you never encountered the Siren's Keeps; this would be your first encounter with it.


One of the new features I added with this quest was how the path and spinners interact.

When you reset the path puzzle, the spinner also resets.

This keeps you from using it to cheat.

Fortunately, you can use the hookshot to cross the tiles you've already stepped on.


You actually can't use the Song of Storms underwater (for obvious reasons).

However, I do agree that having some kind of function here does make a certain amount of sense.

I will think about what I might do.


I came up with the idea for the level 2 bracelet being the Magnetic Gloves during the creation of the quest.

I wanted to pay homage to both the upgrade from Link's Awakening and the item from the Oracle games.

I decided not to have it change polarity because that was easier to program.


One of the things which this dungeon does is force you to backtrack once again now that you have the item.

I don't know if this was a good idea or not.

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Posted 09 January 2024 - 02:45 PM

Part 15
The Magnetic Gloves work in whatever direction you're facing when you start using them.
They continue to do so while you hold the button down, even when you change directions.
The Metal Sphere only becomes a weapon while it is being moved.
Fighting Octogon requires learning many of the quirks of these abilities.
The music note actually stuns many foes.
You can use this to your advantage.
In the Keep of the Lake, the right half is sideview and the left isn't.
It uses many puzzles that aren't seen elsewhere.
One of my favorites of is the sideview block puzzles.
I've been wanting to do these for year and finally succeeded.
Don't question the logic of pits and jumping underwater.
Those underwater Metal Sphere puzzles can be tricky.

I actually came up with a way to preserve the location of objects later in the quest.


That softlock was totally unanticipated.

I will have to figure out a way to fix it.

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Posted 09 January 2024 - 11:36 PM

Part 16


I've now altered that one room in a way that will hopefully prevent future softlocks.

The great key hunt continues!

The best way to find what you want is often to use the scripted map.


I actually moved that chest slightly because that same situation was recently discovered by a tester.

I knew you couldn't get the key, but I wanted to be sure.


I didn't realize that there wasn't a shortcut warp with that last eye puzzle before the boss of the keep.

I will adjust that. Those things are hard enough as it is.


The cutscene after the Keep of the Lake is one of my favorites.

I worked hard to emulate the scene in Ocarina of Time.

Also, the reference is very appropriate.


The various lands of Lorule, Twilight Realm, the Mirror World and more are intended to overlap.

There's a lot of things which are questionable about these explanations of history.

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