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August Update

Posted by Aevin , 06 Aug 2016
Hello, everyone! Welcome to PureZC's little news corner.

First of all, I'd like to once again welcome Polaris (Shane) to the PureZC staff. We've brought him on as a forum assistant! We feel he's demonstrated great maturity, and has been a part of PureZC for a long time. He's hosted events, runs the unofficial skype group, and is an active quest developer. We're confident he'll do a great job! If you haven't already, you can give him your congratulations here.

Four new quests have come out this past month, each following very different styles. First we have Kivitoe's classic NES-styled "4-temples," then Mr. Redead's LttP inspired "The Dark World's Return." Next, we turn to an open-world adventure in the Link's Awakening tileset with Yeto's "Island of Yeto." Finally, a side-scrolling quest in the style of Metroid, we have "Metroid: Origins" by ywkls. In addition to quests, there's a lot of other gems, so be sure and have a look through the Scripts, Music and tile portions of the database.

After many years, a big change has happened in the quest database. Shoelace's The Hero of Dreams has at last been dethroned as the #1 quest. In the Lost Kingdom of the Banana Blood God by Moosh and Russ currently stands at the top. Will its position stand the test of time? Why not go see what all the hype is about?

Summer is winding down, and for many of you school starts again soon. There's still some free time to play quests, or make quests and other resources. Oh, and maybe some other stuff like "playing outside" or something, too.

Thanks for tuning in! You all have a great rest of your summer!

Monthly Review - July 2016

Posted by Aevin , 04 Jul 2016
Welcome to the Monthly Review! Have a look for anything you may have missed for the month of June!

Recent Submissions

  • Brock Lesnar.qst by Moosh: A short quest built for TeamUDF with lots of in jokes, made to break a no-death streak.
  • Legend of Lana DX - Director's Cut by Lunaria: Inspired by Hyrule Warriors, this version overhauls the original with nice new graphics and gameplay balancing.
Scripts Recent Projects
  • Project Unknown by Sephiroth: A relatively new project in DoR, there's a lot of places this can go as development progresses.
  • link's legends pt 2 by lincolnpepper: A sequel to lincolnpepper's first quest, this project promises a journey across multiple illusion worlds with a resurrected hero.
  • The Dark World's Return by Mr.ReDead: When the Dark World suddenly returns, it's up to Link to embark on another adventure.
Thanks for reading! See you next month!

Monthly Review - June 2016

Posted by Aevin , 06 Jun 2016
Welcome to the Monthly Review! Summer's arrived for much of the world. Why not beat the heat by staying indoors with some Zelda Classic? Here's an overview covering the month of May.

Recent Submissions

  • Beyond Hyrule by FlameCursed and Logos: Initially an Outlands remake, this quest eventually established its own identity and became something original!
  • The Legendary Arrows by PlasmaDiffusion: A classic-styled quest that takes lots of cues from the original Zelda, but provides a slightly higher level of challenge.
  • link's legends pt 1 by lincolnpepper: An adventure in the classic tileset, this quest spans 3 different worlds before a showdown with Ganon.
  • Fight for Freedom by FlameCursed: A brief joke quest featuring multiple playstyle options.
  • A Tribute to Yeto's Quest by TheOnlyOne: An attempt to flip “bad” design choices on their head and use them well makes for a pretty unique experience.
  • Bomb Flower by IntimFuchtler: This FFC script provides explosive combos that act like stationary bomb flowers.
  • LA Secret Medicine by DemonLink: An item that automatically revives Link when he would otherwise be killed, like the Secret Medicine from Link's Awakening.
  • Spinnut by Lejes: An FFC enemy script for a Darknut who uses the Hurricane Spin attack!
Recent Projects
  • Hero and Heroine that can grow up by DarkIceDragon: A project for loose tiles, working toward 4 separate growth stages for a male and female hero.
  • Link and Zelda: Panoply of Calatia by Mitsukara: This quest project features a character switching mechanic between Link and Zelda, and a wide assortment of scripted items.
  • Herald of Heroes by TheRock and CMC2000: Set in a world ruled by Ganon 100 years after OoT, this quest has finished dungeons, with only the story remaining before completion.
Thanks for reading! See you next month!

Monthly Review - May 2016

Posted by Aevin , 01 May 2016
Welcome to the Monthly Review! Have a look here for a shortlist covering the month of April!

Staff Notes
  • In response to some confusion, we have added some rules to the Site and Forum Rules covering expectations for reviews and ratings for database items. Much of this isn't exactly new, but we wanted to put it on the books to avoid misunderstandings. Have a look at the announcement here.
Recent Submissions

  • TLoZ Classic + Koten 1.3 by Anthus: This quest pack is a resource for quest builders, featuring authentic versions of the original Legend of Zelda quests, as well as versions in the Koten tileset.
  • Umbral Cloud by Evan20000: A metroidvania quest featuring a unique story, multiple difficulty modes, and lots of challenging bosses!
  • Dungeon Floor Spinner by ywkls: This global/ffc script aims to reproduce the spinners in the Oracle games that spin you onto specific paths.
  • Automatic Overhead Transparency by grayswandir: A global script that automatically makes overhead layers transparent when Link is beneath them.
  • HurtEffects.zh by ZoriaRPG: A scripting library that allows for adjusting various effects related to Link taking damage, such as the sound, knockback, and invincibility frames.
  • Level Key for another Level by Avataro: An item script that allows you to specify the level number of a collectible key, allowing it only to be used in the chosen level.
  • Potatisen by JohnStacy: A midi that goes through many different moods ranging from calm to energetic, suitable for a wide variety of situations.
Recent Projects
  • Zombie Link by Talq: A classic styled quest which features meaningful choices between sets of items. At 90%, it's nearly complete!
  • Destina by Mibbitable: An adventure-styled quest with a unique but simple story.
  • A New Dawn Deluxe by Phosphor: An enhanced remake of Phosphor's first quest, Zelda: A New Dawn.

Monthly Review - April 2016

Posted by Aevin , 03 Apr 2016
Welcome to the first Monthly Review, which will replace On the Green as a monthly newsletter for content and happenings at PureZC! Monthly Reviews are intended to be a more concise and useful review that'll be a bit easier to digest. The Community section will remain the same, but now all database entries and new projects will be listed and briefly summarized. Think of it as a condensed list of the database and project feeds you can quickly scan for anything you might have missed that interests you.

  • Several member-hosted monthly contests have recently popped up in General ZC Discussion. Have a look to see if any of them interest you, and consider submitting or voting!
  • Let's Make a Quest Together is a quest project managed by Nexas, intended to gather input from the community for a collaborative effort at making a quest. Check it out to offer suggestions, vote in polls to make major design choices, and more!
Recent Submissions

  • Stevamentus Universe by Aevin: A quest centered around fighting Aquamentus ... But is that all there is to it?
  • I'm Thinking Swords by Kivitoe: This miniquest follows a young boy's quest to find the Master sword.
  • A Simple Quest by fireyf: A challenging 9-dungeon adventure that sticks closely to the simplicity of classic style quests.
  • Tale of Lyria by FlameCursed: Packed with secrets, this adventure sees you facing off against an evil witch.
  • New Legend of Zelda (Quest Pack) by Matthew Bluefox: A collection of 6 classic quests inspired by the original Legend of Zelda.
  • Door Repair DX by Avataro: Prevents players from F6 continuing out of door repairs ... and lets you mock them, too!
  • 1/2 Magic Attribute Item by Lelouche Vi Britannia: Creates a pickup item that confers the "Half Magic" attribute.
  • Potions of Remedy by Lelouche Vi Britannia: A potion that cures sword jynxes.
  • Secret Medicine/Fairy by Hookshot: An item that automatically restores Link when his health reaches zero.
  • Get Boss Key On Heart Container by AdmiralJaden: Awards a level's boss key after picking up a certain number of heart containers.
  • Phantom Cloak by grayswandir: An item that performs a dash attack while leaving a decoy behind.
  • Input Password To Unlock Secrets by Alucard648: Use combos on the ground to input a password though methods such as stepping on them.
Recent Projects Thanks for reading! See you next month!