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Vintage Dreams Tileset

Creator: Mani Kanina Updated: 22 Sep 2021 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 497
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.71/5 (6 ratings)
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Vintage Dreams is a tileset developed primarily by Shane (previous co-author) and Mani Kanina (sole author atm). The aim is to provide a more polished and expanded version of the well known and used Gameboy Zelda graphics. Tiles have been reorganized and expanded upon, including missing GB tiles, additional tiles and custom tiles. Furthermore, the combo list has been equally reorganized and to be made less overwhelming. What this means is that not everything is combo'd as Gameboy Zelda graphics provide a ton of alternatives which can create a massive list making it time consuming to scroll through. This does not mean the tiles themselves have been deleted and they can be easily included by inserting new combos by going to the combo list and pressing "i". With a smaller default list of combos, and still a way to expand choices easily, this should appeal to a broader userbase.

Along with this, the palette structure has totally been restructured and a growing list of palettes is being made from the ground up that should be more appealing to the community. None of the original GB Zelda palettes are planned to be part of the set due to their different palette structure and is much easier to provide more appropriately looking palettes for ZC. A remake of the Link's Awakening palette is however offered, it's called Koholint Redux.

This tileset also intends on being more of a "Quest Starter Pack" so authors and just jump straight into level designing. That means that scripts replicating well known Gameboy Zelda features and more are present and available with the tileset. Basic things like talking to NPCs and cliff jumping to more interesting things like scripted enemies and items!

We have several videos showcasing these scripted features, though they are otherwise outdated: If you wish to keep up with development updates, you can access the project page on pure: here.

Disclaimer: This tileset is still incomplete and in beta! Most things work just like you'd expect, but there are missing things and there may be bugs. Current release offer these builds:

Vintage Dreams Tileset Beta 0.2.2
This build is for Zelda Classic Version 2.53 and comes pre-packaged with configured scripts. (Final tileset release will offer a blank mold too)

Tiny update that fixes a script dependency that would cause compile issues in later versions of ZC due to ghost using naming that later versions of ZC don't allow.
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