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(Minish Cap Collection) Temple of Droplets

Creator: Anthus Updated: 18 Jan 2016 Downloads: 65
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.75/5 (7 ratings)
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Tags: Interior, 16-color, Dungeon, Ripped

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So these are the walls, and some basic floor tiles seen in the Temple of Droplets in Minish Cap. These are pretty much palette swaps of the game's cave tiles which are already widely used. I didn't realize this till kind of far into ripping though. These are higher color than the ones that have been adapted, and have a couple of extra wall tiles (but are also missing quite a few). This is more or less meant to be added to other sets, if anyone wants to.

There are two csets you'll need to rip. One for the main walls, and default floor color, and the other one for the ice details which must be layered to use. The second cset also has darker floor tiles as well. There is a transparent border included in the bottom of the wall image. These can be used over the blue floors, and also over shallow water, or really, anything you see fit. You can rip the csets from the labelled images in the zip (1stCset1, 1stCset2 (rest of cset1 tiles) and 2ndCsetIce for the other details), and there is one more free cset to place whatever cset you want for other objects such as doors.
the usual.