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My Custom Tiles Ported To PTUS

Creator: )-( Marchland Malady )-( Updated: 14 Feb 2024 Downloads: 3
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Tags: Overworld, Dungeon, Enemy, Decoration

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)-( More than 10 years ago, while I was known as Nolornbon, I uploaded some tiles that I made to this very database. Unfortunately, though they have heart, they are not professional quality. After spending a few days on them, I managed to port them into Pure Tileset Update Supreme, a feat that was by no means easy. Hopefully, this will improve them and make them more useful. To sweeten the deal, I made bomb blast holes, boss doors, and outer corners for the dungeon sets. I myself hope to make good use of my custom tiles in the future. )-(

)-( To make the custom dungeon walls more useful, I created shading tiles that you can put in a transparent layer over them. They might be crude, but they are effective. )-(
Pure Tileset Update Supreme