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ALTTP Perspective BS Zelda Dungeon Walls

Creator: FireSeraphim Added: 17 Sep 2021 Downloads: 0
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Tags: BS_Tileset, Dungeon, Structure, Walls

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So basically as a starting point I upshaded Shane's Freeform FYS Walls back into the BS Zelda Level 1 Pallete (which are actually downshaded and "unbent" BS Zelda clean walls). After that I went ahead and attempt the mossy walls, using my work on upshading Shane's walls and the actual original walls as a starting point, as a minor bonus I have included a few rather unorthodox tile floor pieces.
FnrrfYgmSchnish for their initial downshaded BSZ dungeon walls used in FYS
Shane for his prior work on the freeform FYS Walls
Myself for upshading it back into the BS Zelda pallete and doing the mossy walls
Nintendo for BS Zelda and the Legend of Zelda series
PureZC for hosting my previous works. Thank you.