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EZGBZ Bark and Foliage Maku Tree Mountains

Creator: Geoffrey Added: 19 Oct 2020 Downloads: 13
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Tags: 16-color, Game_Boy, Mountains, Overworld

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Hear ye, hear ye: I hereby bestow upon you not only bark mountains but also foliage mountains, made only of the finest trimmings cut tenderly from the boughs of the legendary Maku Tree. (No trees were harmed in the making of these mountains.)

The foliage mountains include both a bombable entrance and a burnable entrance.

The tiles used in making these are located on pages 69 (bark) and 70 (foliage) of the EZGBZ 2.5 tileset.

Credits go to Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda, to Capcom for the Oracle games, and to Akkabus and Lightwulf for compiling the EZGBZ 2.5 tileset.