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Number Math Path Puzzle.

Creator: Alucard648 Added: 04 Jun 2024 Tags: FFC Downloads: 2
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2 variants of number path puzzles.

1st. You have a grid of combos with numbers on them. Your goal is to connect start combo and end combo in such a way that all adjacent combos in path are numerically adjacent, like 1-2-3-2-3-4 etc…

2nd. You have a grid of combos with numbers and mathematical symbols drawn on them. The goal is to connect start and end combo sp the path forms a valid mathematical expression. Like 1+1=2. If you succefully pass inequality comparsion checkpoint ("<, >, <=, >=") the current total becomes number you stepped on. If you step on adjacent numbers, the current total will be multpled by 10 and last stepped number will be added to total, as if you input number on calculator.

Stand on valid number and Press Ex1 to perform a step. Steping on traced path and pressing Ex1 will take back all steps up to that spot on path.