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Z4 Bomb Script

Creator: Mitchfork Added: 20 Nov 2020 Tags: 2.55, Weapon, Item Downloads: 14
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These are bombs, but they allow you to pick them up and throw them after you place them.
Supports the following features:
  • Throw them around - bombs have """"physics"""" and will bounce off walls and floors!
  • Set a custom 2x2 animation for the explosion - just like in the Game Boy games!
  • Bombs can be configured to change sprites when they're close to detonating!
  • Bombs automatically sink and fizzle in water! Wow!
  • Bombs can fly over certain combo types/flags even if their solid, enabling more types of puzzles!
  • Toggle between Link's Awakening and Oracle behavior for bomb fuses and throwing!
Also refer to the example tile sheet and quest if you have any questions about graphics and script setup.