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Freeform LttP Doors and Shutters

Creator: Moosh Updated: 13 May 2023 Tags: FFC Downloads: 72
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (2 ratings)
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In addition to the doors being freeform, you can place multiple on the same wall, place shutter doors spaced out form the edge of the screen, and have shutters/locked doors animate when they open. Bomb walls will react to the lens by drawing a marker tile if desired. If Link respawns inside a closed shutter because of drowning or some other means, it will move him to the edge of the shutter where he should be.

Update 2/15/18: Fixed a bug where setting FFCs as "Lens Only" made bomb rubble invisible. Also fixed a bug where Link was getting teleported during scrolling.
Update 2/15/19: Added the ability to use layers for the doors.
Update 9/2/21: Imagine the script counting fairies as a beatable enemy. Imagine being able to trigger this bug on the very first screen of the test quest. Imagine this bug hanging around for three years. Does anyone even use this script?
Update 5/13/23: Made enemy shutters able to be permanent.