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tango.zh provides a text display system much more powerful than ZC's built-in message system. It allows greater control over appearance and behavior, custom fonts, and some scripting capabilities. It also provides a simple system for creating menus in both text and ZScript.

Latest update (1.2.0, 2016-09-16)
* Added Tango_SetMenuAutosaveDest(), which allows a menu's state to be saved automatically when a selection is made.
* Added Tango_SetMenuFlags() and Tango_DeactivateMenu().
* A menu can now be persistent (i.e. it won't close when a selection is made).
* Tango_ActivateMenu() no longer takes an argument. The functionality is now handled by setting the TANGO_MENU_CAN_CANCEL flag.
* @domenu()'s first argument is now menu flags rather than a simple "can cancel" bool.
* Fixed an error in scrolling menus.
* Added tangoZHChangelog.txt.