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Creator: Saffith Added: 16 Sep 2016 Tags: Global, Library Downloads: 131
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ghost.zh is a library for scripting enemies. It provides functions that simplify movement, allow complex eweapon behaviors, and automatically handle details like flashing and getting stunned. It also has a mechanism for setting up FFC scripts automatically, allowing scripted enemies to be placed like built-in ones.

Latest update (2.8.1, 2016-09-16)
* Fixed a bug in positioning enemies after knockback in Ghost_HaltingWalk4() and Ghost_ConstantWalk4().
* Fixed an error in validating spawn locations in FindSpawnPoint().
* Fixed some weird behavior in weapons with EWD_AIM_AT_LINK spinning while waiting to aim.
* EWM_THROW with an argument of -1 (land at Link's position) is now much more accurate at long distances.
* Added ghostZHChangelog.txt.