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The Enigma of Basilischi Island

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Creator: Taco Chopper , Rambly Genre: Miniquest Added: 07 Feb 2024 Updated: 12 Feb 2024 ZC Version: 2.55 Downloads: 134 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.73/5 (10 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest was initially made for the alsoLIONS 1 Week + 1 Day contest, but ended up taking nearly a month to develop. It's also the first real Firebird quest submitted to the database ever!

This is a miniquest with an 8x8 overworld, one large (also 8x8) dungeon, as well as all sorts of surprises and secrets.

This quest was made in the January 8 2024 nightly of ZC 2.55, and will play in that version or newer. It may or may not be playable in older versions!

This quest may not work in ZC 3.0! If you do use it in ZC 3.0, make sure you have set the optimize_zasm line in zc.cfg to 0 or use the latest 3.0 nightly version!

Update 1.1 (8/02/24) :
  • fixed gameplay bugs, rewrote some strings to be less vague
  • adjusted volume of music files
  • changed the potion item to act like a normal ZC potion. as a result, any 1.0 saves will NOT work with this version!
Update 1.2 (9/02/24) :
  • fixed a bug where the lantern could only be used once an hour
  • slight subscreen tweak
Update 1.3 (12/02/24) :
  • visual bugs fixed (thanks shadowtiger!)
  • shutter fixed in viking helmet treasure cave
  • big boss fixed, will now respawn after you clear the quest each time
  • other bugs
You are a pirate apprentice, sailing the seas with your crew. However, one night, you are sent overboard by the captain, and end up washed up on the shores of Basilischi Island.

Will you be able to get home? Why is there a temple on the island? What exactly is the Enigma?
Tips & Cheats
Don't be afraid to explore!
Credits to everyone involved - testing, graphics, scripting etc - are included at the end of the quest.
Special thanks to Mitch for the engine, the alsoLIONS crew for testing and support, and many more!