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Roebloz's World Adventure 3: Knil Strikes Back!

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Creator: Roebloz , Irenepunmaster Genre: NES-style Added: 01 Nov 2022 Updated: 02 Sep 2023 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 379 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating) Download Quest
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Roebloz's World Adventure 3 is officially my biggest ZC project to date, featuring 4 overworlds, 35 beautifully-crafted levels offering an insane challenge, plenty of new items like Ganon's Heat Pumps and dozens of new enemies and bosses like the Magic Zols, Mothula, Starmen, Pengators, with the classic new enemies from RWA 1 and 2 make a return like the Green and Teal Sworded Stalfos, the Mini-Ganons and of course everyone's favorite, the Wizzropes (Now in 3 varieties!)

The quest features an insane amount of content, easter eggs and challenges, (Can you beat the whole quest with only the Wooden Sword? If you do, you'll unlock something special...) and will definitely not bore you. Over 24 hours of content, now that is a lot of play time for a ZC quest!!!

So if you are interested in a very long quest with a beautifully-crafted story and insane challenges, download today, right now!!!

(Difficulty: Four Hearts of Damage)

UPDATE: Expansion of Darkness! With the brand-new Expansion of Darkness, you can explore 8 brand-new dungeons hidden in the depths of the 8 numbered dungeons to fight the Dark Aeons, brand-new tough-as-nails superbosses to obtain their Dark Medals, which, if all of 8 are collected, will give you access to another dungeon and the ultimate superboss, Penance...Are you up to the challenge?
After defeating the Golden Beasts, Link and the rest of Hyrule got to enjoy a moment of peace. The territory was expanded, new towns were built and King Harkinian resumed his role as the King of Poop-I mean Hyrule. However, it obviously wasn't gonna remain this way for very long...Lord Messor, who had resurrected Ganon to help him last time in order to try to claim the Triforce, was sitting at the top of his tower as the leader of the nearby country of Vothesh, famous for its maroon and pink rocks. He still wanted to claim the Triforce to become immortal, but had failed previously. However, he had also realized that when Link fought his white and teal-tuniqued double Knil, the Triforce of Courage had split in two and Knil had kept half of it, sealed away in his dimension. Messor travelled to Level-Z, which contained the sealed portal to Knil's Dimension. Knil, seeing a way to escape, agreed to help Lord Messor take over Hyrule and get his wish, as long as he could also use one for his own desires...And so, the new invasion of Hyrule began once more, with Link's only hope of saving the kingdom to claim Ganon's Triforce of Power before Messor's minions could.

Will Link succeed in saving Hyrule and Vothesh from Lord Messor and Knil's armies of monsters? Is Knil really that bad, or is there something more evil hiding in his twisted dimension? You will find that out, in Roebloz's World Adventure 3: Knil Strikes Back!, or The Legend of Zelda: Shattered Triforce!!!
Tips & Cheats
-Pressing ESC and then ending the game to Continue when entering dungeons is a good idea if you need full health.
-Magic Gels, Magic Octoroks and Red Wizzropes will always drop life, and may even randomly drop a full heal! They are vital to kill if you need health.
-Similarly, Magic Zols (if one-shotted) and Fire Wizzrobes will always drop fairies. However, be warned that if the Fire Wizzrope was phasing in a block, it may not drop a fairy!!!

1.1: (2022/11/09)
-Added a midi version of Schoolhouse Trouble! for the hidden wooden sword-only superboss, (Still playing through that run right now, Messor 1 is a chap!) and fixed a screen in Old Hyrule using a random string from a Pay for Info in the beginning of the game. (I actually found a second one where it uses the dialogue from the Old Man in Hyrule Castle, but the dialogue is random enough on its own that I've decided to keep it. Both were around Level-X, believe it or not!)

1.1.2: (2022/11/13)
-Fixed a bombable wall leading to nowhere in Level V
-Fixed Vitreous's pupil being white instead of black
-Added Blue Bubbles at the start of Level 3 and Level V due to popular demand
-Updated some lava in Level F (Bottom of the Well) from being classified as Water to instead be classified as Ladder/Hookshot Only.
-Replaced a Super Darknut with a Fire Wizzrobe in Level Z.
-Updated the localization files.

2.0.0 -= Expansion of Darkness =- (2022/12/17)
-Added 9 new Dark Dungeons and 9 brand-new, tough-as-nails superbosses, along with a subplot about them!!! You should treat them as endgame, and should only start to seek them out after you've beaten the final boss and have obtained most/all the items. (Sword, ring, shield and boomerang upgrades are especially important) There's more info about them in the Help Thread, but here's a hint to find the first one: Why don't you bomb the wall behind Aquamentus in Level-1?
-Added 2 new active items:
-Dark Matter: Acts as a one-time use bomb upgrade, dealing enough damage to OHKO basically everything that isn't a Dark Aeon or that doesn't resist bomb blasts. Can be dropped by Darknut Death Knights, Fire Gleeoks (Rarely), Dark Aeons (Commonly) and are sold by a teal Octorok hiding in a wall inside the Octorok cave. You're gonna need to give him a pretty crystal first though, and he sells these for a pretty penny.
-Golden Arrow: Self-explanatory, deals more damage than Silver Arrows and pierces enemies. It is said that it creates warps to crystal towers if it strikes a brown bush on the starting screen in Old Hyrule...Sounds a bit too out there though. Can be obtained in Dark-8.
-Rebalanced the Mirror Wizzrobes: 6 reflected hits is pretty hard to do consistently without getting hit (Especially when there are more than one in a room) and it was egregiously difficult to kill them when water/lava was in the room like in Level-9. As such, I have nerfed their health so they are killed in 3 reflected hits of their own magic instead of 6.
-Fixed a plethora of bugs and other small problems with the quest (Such as Level-X or Y's entrance, can't remember which, having problems to open due to the Magic Hands being considered as beatable enemies despite being invulnerable)
-Greatly optimized the sound effects (Removing one from the final boss fight that was very hard to hear anyway) Now, the filesize is SMALLER than before!!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!
-Added a secret room right next to the start and if you manage to beat all the superbosses, will tell you a little bit about the future for Roebloz's World Adventure...

2.1.0 - The Pot Update - (2023/01/11)
-Added a bunch of random pots in dungeons since they were underused.
-Nerfed Messor 2's last phase HP and removed 3 traps+his spectral flames (It was a bit too hard for the final phase, and will make this much less up to RNG of whether or not you win)
-Sliiiightly tweaked Knil's HP (Mostly to the "Patra phase" from taking even longer to deal with after all the triforce pieces are gone.)
-Nerfed Starman DX's HP (He'll still be a pain though)

2.1.1 - Messor Too Weak 4 Me - (2023/01/13)
-Slightly buffed back Messor by adding his fires back and another Wizzrope.
-Improved the super secret boss of the Wooden Sword run by adding an actual ending for beating him after the funny cutscene.
-Updated the localization files.
-Removed Herobrine.

2.1.2 - Old Hyrule's a Chump - (2023/01/13)
-Fixed several wrong warps in Old Hyrule leftover from RWA 2 pointing to invalid locations (Notably one staircase I had left in the game for playtesting that led to a broken copy of RWA 2's full overworld rather than its new edited form of Old Hyrule.)
-Two updates in one day, wow, that must be like a new record or something!

2.1.3 - Fairer and Boringer Early Game - (2023/04/19)
-Fixed the grey square when opening up Hyrule Castle's Tower (Level C!)
-Nerfed several rooms in the first 5 dungeons due to the fact that they were truly ridiculous. (1 to 3, as well as A and C. Due to being a bonus, B is unaffected c:) This does tone down the overall difficulty of the early game drastically, but the rest of the game remains unchanged from 2.1.2. (Level-3 in particular had some really annoying rooms that were just not fun to go through with so few items to back you up)
-Added a key-locked shortcut that goes straight to Hyrule Castle after you go through the western caves for the first time. (You can access said new shortcut from the screen right below Level-1)
-Added a ShutUp item in the King's room in Hyrule Castle Tower so you don't have to listen him ramble on about not being a programmer every single time you start over the dungeon.
-Added boulders to the Messor fights's last phases. Otherwise, that's pretty much it!

2.1.4 - Messor A
-Slightly nerfed Messor 1 even further (For the last time, I promise)
-Removed some phantoms in the Dead Hand dungeon.
Anyway, this should be it for now. Also, I know that the High-Quality soundtrack has large gaps at the beginning of each song, but this is simply to counter a bug that occured to me where it would skip the first few seconds.

2.1.5 and 2.1.6 - Various Balance Fixes

2.1.7 - More Shortcuts, Dialogue Debugging
Probably the last update (For real this time) for the time being. Not any nerfs, surprising!
-Fixed a room in Wizmania having the wrong enemy pattern.
-Modified the secret post-Dark Aeons script to reflect current events (I'm not sure if I'll actually make my original idea for RWA 4 and its on hold for now, so I decided to just remove references to it to avoid making false promises)
-Fixed the key bush shortcut near Hyrule Castle so you don't walk into it through the wall.
-Added another shortcut; This time to get to Level-5/Level-I faster; The 3 brown rocks have been replaced with trees, and they are connected to a new central red tree which you can burn to open up the path once you get through Level-G once.

-Fixed being able to get stuck in the guys forcefields in the Warp Cave. (I know what I mean.)
-Changed two L3 Stalfos to two Zol (Magic) in Level-6.

-Fixed some grammar issues and added more Zol (Magic) in Messor's Tower to make healing easier.

2.2.1 - Update Localization Files Update
-Reduced Messor's difficulty for the fiftieth time
-Added some shortcuts to the dungeon's bosses for easier time navigating and less frustrating gameplay.
-Added a clear hint on how to activate the cyclops statue on Death Mountain (Shooting it with a Silver Arrow)
-Various enemy and door tweaks in Level-Z (Mainly removed some bombable walls that weren't super easy to see thanks to the rainbow palette)
-Major Text Changes: Corrected some spelling errors and unintentional bad engrish. (Mainly story-related; Hints left vague on purpose.) Level-N's plot has been revised to be less fourth-wall breaking (The Nerd himself still breaks it a bit, also toned down the vulgarity a little tiny bit.) Level-Z's boss's speech was a little...Heated, to say the least, and has been toned down and revised from being the ghost of a character you find dead in a previous dungeon, to something else more simple to understand. (Although nothing says that he isn't, only he doesn't say it flat out.) MASTER USING IT AND YOU CAN HAVE THIS left intact.
Also added some dynamic text that changes over the quest for Zelda, Hyrule Tower King and Ganon. Obviously I'm not going to give every NPC dynamic text, I would have needed to plan it well in advance (Like I did for the hints for the Dark Aeons) and it would be a fool's errand to try now. It's mainly to avoid Ganon repeating his super long speech when you want to buy a Heat Pump after Level 4.

2.2.2 - Final Phase Changes
-Updated Level-Z's text again to bring back the heat a little.
-Updated text talking about RWA 4.
-Updated Level Z's boss theme from the MM3 Final Boss (Midi)/AVGN Final Boss theme to Megalovania.
-The true final boss's second phase originally didnt have any music without the High-Quality OST, they now play the MM3 Final Boss midi.
-Updated the High-Quality soundtrack: Added both the new high-quality Megalovania, and added back Penance's extra song, as well as cleaned up the folder significantly by removing the extra copies of some songs that were present for no reason. The downloads for the OST have been updated.
Roebloz for level design, writing, designing, enemy making, art making (Very proud of Knil, Messor and Mirror Wizzrobe's new sprite)...Basically a lot of stuff, I'm the main guy.

Irenepunmaster as lead enemy artist (Notably for the Wizzrope, Mini-Ganons, Mothula, Pengators, that exploding thing from Z3 that appears on one screen near Lake Hylia, also helped with importing/rearranging the 3D Triforce from Zelda 3 for the ending sequence. Also made all the remixed sprites for the Dark Aeons and Penance, thanks a lot you did an awesome job with them.

DJMykah for the remixes used in Level 9 (1F), Great Palace and the first phase of the final boss.

TheLesha for being a great friend (Please message me, hope you're safe out there in Ukraine)

Final Fantasy 10 for giving me the stupid idea of making the Dark Aeons and Penance in Zelda Classic.
MeleeWizard for giving me the motivation to make this third installment after I saw his playthrough of RWA 2.

April 27th, 2022 for being my birthday and the day I started working on this.

Nintendo for making The Legend of Zelda

And you, for playing/at least reading this page!!!