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Canaria, the Upwind March

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Creator: Joelmacool Genre: Dungeon Romper Added: 24 Sep 2022 Updated: 20 Apr 2023 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 477 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.56/5 (17 ratings) Download Quest
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'Canaria, the Upwind March' is something that I have been working on for a little over a year, involving a decently-sized Overworld, several complex dungeons, and an enticing story.

This quest should take around twenty hours to complete fully, so it certainly isn't the same size as my previous quest 'Second Chance', which is notably a lot smaller.

In total, there are eleven main dungeons, with around ten mini-dungeons to compliment them. Each dungeon varies in size drastically, with the smallest of the selection being around five minutes, and the largest being around an hour to complete.

Update log:

- Quest Released.

- Save Point locations are made more clear.
- The Map and Key Radar's position have been swapped in Toxicant.

- Prevented a potential soft-lock scenario in the Den of Flames.
- Prevented a potential soft-lock scenario in the Eastern Retreat.
- Added a second Save Point in the caves under Jenyn's House.

- Prevented a potential soft-lock scenario in Canaria Castle.
‚Äč- Replaced the music in the Mechanical Clover and Organic Turntable to something more fitting.
- Added a hint in the Waterfowl Grotto to explain how the map functions.
- Completely revamped the maze in the Shrine of Amshi.

- Fixed several under-combo mistakes.

- The Final Boss now has been made a bit easier, with heart drops sometimes available.
- Fixed several sub-screen mistakes.

- Made it so the boomerang is required to be used in order to access the hookshot.

- Added two-way short-cuts to each main dungeon, excluding the Waterfowl Grotto and The Fallen Domain.
- Redesigned a few rooms in order to accommodate for the addition of the short-cuts.

- Fixed a minor flag error in one of the ice block puzzle rooms in The Fallen Domain.
- Added an additional marker in the introduction to indicate what the save stations are.
- Added a hint to re-direct players who come across the Vessel of Ice.
- The 'point of no return' has been made more clear.
- Relocated a portal end-point in Work Site for ease of access.

- Replaced a one-way door with a short-cut in the Vessel of Ice.
- Prevented a potential soft-lock scenario in Canaria Castle.
- Enemies in the Throne Room of Canaria Castle no longer respawn.
- Replaced a one-way door in the Eastern Retreat with a push block to avoid confusion.
- Redesigned the Capsaari Mines in several locations to both avoid unnecessary looping and remove one-way doors.

- Fixed an under-combo mistake.
- Prevented an exploit within the Dark Crypt.

- Upon using Save Points, you now fully regenerate health and magic.
- L/R swapping has been enabled.
- The dust clouds in Deep Spire and The Fallen Domain have been made less sensitive.
- The progression of Work Site has been made more clear.
- The progression of the Eastern Retreat has been made more clear.
- Fixed a subscreen error during the chase sequence after completing the Eastern Retreat.
- 'Kill-All-Enemy' room types that entrap the player now have doors that remain permanently open upon defeating the enemies.
- One-way doors that are not required for dungeon structure have been removed.
- The credits sequence has been updated.
The Kingdom of Canaria, once a beautiful and peaceful place, had been riddled with war and conflict. Many years later, the once populous Kingdom lies dormant.

Returning to this Kingdom... things are no longer the same, and so now begins your upwind march to uncover the truth once and for all.
Tips & Cheats
There are a few things to note, but I'll say the basics below:

- Fallen soldiers are your save points, there's no other way to save your progress - press the 'Enter' key to save! They are your friends...
- Pots are your best friend! Not only are they good for gathering resources, but they're also effective in combat!
- Missing something to stun your enemies? ...try looking under bushes, you may find a useful item!
- Optional mini-dungeons have useful upgrades and items, complete them if you can!
- If you're struggling on a boss, try to use Magic Beans, they'll replenish both your health and your magic!
- Don't know what blocks to push? ...try to pay attention to the scratches on the floor!

If you'd like any more tips, feel free to DM me or ask in the accompanying thread for this quest.
All credits can be found in the credits segment at the end of the quest.

If you'd like to know where a specific song is from, the 'Canaria Music' file has each song tagged with the game the song came from.