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Destiny of the Oracles

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Creator: ywkls Genre: Story-driven Added: 11 Sep 2020 Updated: 10 Apr 2024 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 2065 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (11 ratings) Download Quest
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It has been a long, hard road...
But at last, the Hero of Hyrule has reached Labrynna...

Explore 17 complex dungeons!
Solve new puzzles to reach your goal!
Fight 54 unique bosses!
Travel between worlds and obtain new items to discover even more secrets!
Uncover hidden mini-games!
As events unfold, you must take on the powers given to the legendary Oracles; Din and Nayru.
Journey through a Labrynna whose past has been subtly altered, erasing the Hero from time.
Visit a strange Mirror World, where the forces of evil hold sway.
Play as two separate characters with unique strengths and abilities!
Warp between worlds, cooperating to open the path forward!
Uncover strange items, complex ruins, hidden bosses, tricky mini-games... and more!
Continue the path through the 4 Lands paved by those gone before you.
Lead the Oracles onwards... to meet their Destiny.
Future updates will use version 3.0.
This will break saves from earlier versions.
Update History
Immediately after the events of Passage Through Time, Link travels to Labrynna. There he finds that events in the present have been altered somehow.

Before Link can intervene, a terrible darkness captures him and the disturbance caused awakens the power of the ancient goddesses who once brought Hyrule into existence.

Calling upon the service of Din, the Oracle of Seasons and Nayru; the Oracle of Ages- they are given powerful items with which they can help to free the Hero and those like him pressed into the service of evil.

Journey with Din as she struggles to survive in the Mirror World where Veran originated.
Guide Nayru as she attempts to unravel the secrets of a Labrynna she scarcely recognizes.

Together, they must discover ways to correct the changes in Labrynna and unite the powers of the two worlds against the forces which have arisen.
Only then, will they at last learn their true destiny...

Play as 2 separate characters in parallel worlds with different abilities!
Find the hidden secrets to help the inhabitants of the land to solve their problems!
Recover the Essences of Time and the Fragments of Darkness to pave the way towards a better tomorrow!

Only you can change the fate that awaits the Oracles and all they hold dear...
Tips & Cheats
Visual Sensitivity Advisory: This quest includes numerous instances of flashing lights. There are also effects such as wavy or distortion layers in many places. If you have any issues with these things, please consider this when playing the quest.

Each character must obtain a specific item before they can enter their first dungeon.
After getting the Magical Mirror, you can use special Sheikah Statues to travel between worlds.
Once each pair of dungeons is finished, you can proceed to the next dungeon for either character.
Individuals who give clues to where to go for this exist in either world.
Additionally, it is possible to purchase a very expensive item which provides clues to the locations of sidequest events,
Completing all sidequests in both world gives access to post-game content.
This includes 1 exclusive dungeon for Din and Nayru along with a secret final dungeon.
Tileset- DoR (Hybrid)
Testers- Epsalon ZX, Eppy, judasrising, Ryunaker, Zolias, Moosh
Minor Testers- Spacepoet, deme, Masterlink, Shoshon the Elegant, Dimentio, LordKronos, Gendof, Jared
Script Assists- Moosh, Venrob, Lejes, ZoriaRPG, Russ, Aevin, Dimentio
Borrowed Scripts- Mero, Saffith, Moosh, Lejes, Joe123,
justin, MoscowModder, Collosal, ZoriaRPG, Russ
Primary Music Advisor- SCKnuckles
Sprite Contributor- P-Tux7
Script Inspiration- Mitsukara, Zaxarone, Lüt, Pastille of Rohan,
Binx, SCKnuckles, Alucard648, Dimentio, Moosh, Russ
Music- PureZC Artists, VGMusic
Sound Effects- HelptheWretched
Other Contrubutors- Binx, Xenomicx
Imported Tiles by-

Anthus, Pepeztyle, Yue, Moon, ChaosMiles07,
Epona4, Silverbolt, Lord Zymeth, JoshR_691,
Master Link, KeatonGirl13, Rakia, Gussprint,
Nemu, Vaati, Shred Mako, Bacon, Shadow Kami,
Sonikku, Spriter Trooper, bucketboy, Darth RPG,
Blueyosh, Davias, Dazz, Bruce Juice, Explosion makes BOOM!!
Rocksfan13, CrimsonPenguin, Other Spriters Resource Artists

Special Thanks:

Luspeon- For inadvertently breaking me out of my slump
and spinning this quest in an entirely different direction.
Epsalon ZX- For regularly testing and making suggestions to improve the overall quality of the quest.
SCKnuckles- For agreeing to help select the music for this quest, which I always find hard
Also for looping a good deal of the soundtrack correctly.
P-Tux7- For creating a lot of sprites for the project without being asked and making
suggestions on the development of the quest
Eppy- For testing the quest not once, or twice but at least 4 times
and making me increase enemy variety
ZScript Group- For teaching me more about how this process worked than I ever knew was possible.
PureZC Community- For waiting ? years for me to finally get around to finishing this.
Nintendo- For making the Legend of Zelda series.