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The Tri Compass

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Creator: butthead Genre: Story-driven Updated: 07 Sep 2020 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 70 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating) Download Quest
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Five relatively easy and short dungeons .
About an hour and a half of gameplay .
Includes MANY places and music from Legend of Zelda games .
Mostly storydriven, but doesn't contain too many directions .
An amazingly large and linear overworld .

MAKE SURE you download the mp3s . > http://www.mediafire...cmusic.zip/file

Update 1 :

Cleaned a few things up, etc.

Update 2 :

Fixed update 1's level 4 bug .
Made gameplay smoother .
Fixed Mt. Headley's natural bridge bug .
Made fungus slashable .
Link is sent by Zelda to take back the triforce of power from Ganon, who stole it from the royal family . Along the way, he will encounter many foes and trials created by Ganon ! Will Link be able save the land from evil once again ?
Tips & Cheats
1: There is a secret place in the desert canyon ...

2: Go to the notheast of the plateau, slash all the bushes, and look under the cloud .
Thanks to Teilyr for the tileset, Jared for the link tiles, Bayta for the title screen, and Bagu for the boss music . Thank you, everyone !