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Creator: TheRock Genre: Other Updated: 18 Mar 2020 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 143 Rating[?]: Rating: 2.33/5 (2 ratings) Download Quest
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OverHead is a challenge quest that has 10 different worlds. In each world there're 8 levels. Each level you goal is to get to the goal.
Update 1# Fixed a warp not working and 2 warps not being the right type of warp. Fixed a combo that from being 1 heart damage to 32 hearts of damage. Fixed a game breaking bug where 10-2 would almost impossible.
Quest now has no password.
Tips & Cheats
Press L in a level to go to the world map.
The Start button is disabled everywhere.
Quest now has no password.
The credits are at the end of the game.