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The Legend of Amy Rose 3: Oracle of the Emerald

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Creator: Eddy Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 24 May 2018 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 360 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.31/5 (12 ratings) Download Quest
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AR3 aims to recreate the land of Labrynna from Oracle of Ages as a sort of sequel/remake, with a unique twist with the cast from the Sonic games. As some things may look very familiar, other stuff has gone through quite a few changes. Similarly to the previous two games, weird crossovers are to be expected. Don't expect things to be very challenging or too puzzle-heavy for the most part as that is not what I was going for, it's just meant to be a simple Ages re-imagining I guess :P

A few quest features:
- One full overworld, with a present and past counterpart
- 9 main dungeons... 4 of which come from Seasons and 4 come from Ages, which have the same dungeon map shapes but play out very differently, and 1 dungeon is entirely original
- Post game story + 2 extra dungeons
- Familiar characters/areas from Oracle of Ages
- Fairly simplistic but hopefully easy to follow story

If you find any bugs or weird inconsistencies, be sure to let me know as soon as possible on PZC or on Discord (tag is Eddy#6814) and I'll get to fixing stuff as soon as I can. Feedback is also greatly appreciated!

Quest Update Changelog (Spoilers Inside)
After the events of defeating Vaati in AR2, Amy and her friends are called to the neighbouring land of Labrynna as an old villain makes a dramatic return...
Tips & Cheats
- In addition to the music files, a text document is included which lists all heart pieces and trading quest items. It's recommended to read through it when you're stuck as it contains many quest spoilers.
- There are 2 hammer upgrades found throughout the quest, where one can only be found in the post game section of the quest. There are no defence upgrades, everything is balanced around having no rings.
- In either age there is a warp zone where you can open up paths to allow for fast travel. Be sure to open up these paths along the way by entering red portals across the overworld.
- The trading quest can only be accessed after the main story is completed, though you can find hints as to what NPCs want throughout the quest. Be sure to take notes of what NPCs want and where they are to make the sequence easier when you get to it. Alternatively, you can just look at the text file, but that ruins the fun :P
- There is a specific item given as one of the post-game dungeon prizes which can break the current save file completely when used, as this is intended to be a joke item. Be sure to make a copy of the save file before using. You are warned when you collect the item too.
- This quest is unpassworded. If you wish to look through the quest file for any reason like being stuck or whatever, feel free to do so, though try not to adjust anything, it would break stuff (obviously).
- Have fun!
Beta Testers:
- Zaxarone
- Shane
- Yoshi
- Lut
- Epsalon ZX
- ywkls
- Dimentio
- Shoshon the Elegant
- David

Special Thanks:
- SCKnuckles
- Lightwulf
- The Ambient Silence Group

The full credits can found at the end of the quest with everything else included.