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Creator: Aevin Genre: Metroidvania Updated: 14 May 2017 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 514 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.8/5 (19 ratings) Download Quest
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  • A big labyrinth with countless hidden collectibles.
  • Over twenty unique spells, without a single vanilla Zelda Classic weapon in sight!
  • Choose your character! Each of nine main characters have their own fully-developed stories!
  • Sixteen vivid areas full of custom enemies and unique obstacles.
  • Many challenging bosses to overcome.
  • Character specific upgrades for spells, offering a unique experience for each.
  • Two difficulty settings, challenge modes, and additional characters offer great replayability.
Update: 5/6/2017
The Labyrinth. A place where the souls of the lost roam in eternal torment. A place outside of normal time, not bound by normal rules, full of illusions built of the minds of those wandering within ...

Everyone has their own reasons for getting lost in the Labyrinth. Some desire god-like power. Some seek to relieve their pain. Others want only to reunite with their loving families. But only those who overcome the challenges within the confines of the walls and defeat powerful foes will find what they seek.
Tips & Cheats
  • Your Sound Wave can charge for a powerful shot that can reveal special breakable blocks.
  • Some blocks require special weapons to break.
  • Collecting hidden coins powers up your defenses, spells and other abilities.
  • Visual cues usually hint at hidden secrets
You can play as any character by entering that character's name. If you don't, you can either select randomly or by taking a brief quiz. Here's some brief character descriptions if you'd like to choose someone you like:

Here's some nifty character banners, on the off chance anyone wants to use them.
Beat the quest for the full credits, but my beta testing team deserves a special mention here. Many thanks to Evan, Moosh and Russ, who went far beyond my expectations in the care and effort they put into the game. They helped me flesh out the post game so well that for awhile they felt not like testers, but a development team. Yuurei would not be what it is now without their valuable help. Thanks, guys! :)