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the Dark Treasure Version 2.1

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Creator: Sans Genre: NES-style Updated: 07 Nov 2016 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 288 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.5/5 (3 ratings) Download Quest
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Somes levels and somes glitchs are fixed.
-Level 2 Entrance
-Synesthia Ruins lava raft glitch (yes you can rift on the lava but i don't ever know how messages items like the Magic Raft. )
-Magic bars (You can now use somes magic items.)
-Level 3 map is fixed
-Chest bugs is fixed.
Somes problem cannot be fixed and cannot be used unless i get an help.
- Mini Boss Portal
- Flamethrower (In level 9 so i used the Shooter ennemy for that)
- The Darkness Tower is unaccessible dues at the custom boss missing and the script too (Phantom Ganon)
This is my first version so i can update the version game.

About the Version 2.1:
This version will let you enter inside 3 more special dungeons with somes special items.

If you see more glitchs or problem leave an comments and i'll try to fix it.

You must also download the music patch for this game. http://download1855....rra7j/Music.zip
Ganon are come back at the life and stole the princess Zelda for his darkness project: Open the Dark Treasure.
Link our hero must get the 8 Triforce Piece to defeat Ganon and save the princess and Hyrule from the desaster.
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