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Golvellius la Quete du Second

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Creator: wonderboy.bobi Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 06 Jun 2013 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 970 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.55/5 (39 ratings) Download Quest
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Graphics are 99% originals!! Inspired by the sega master system game "golvellius"
more than 10 hours to overcome the quest. and many secrets.
Golvellius, an evil creature try to invade the world with his demonic army. He was protected by a magic seal. Aleid decided to put an end at Golvellius plans. he needed the Crystal of Souls to break the seal and reach Golvellius but Aleid was defeated...
Golvellius tried to destroy the Crystal of Souls but he only could break it in eight parts.
Many years later Kelesis Against his own will, have to find the eight part and reach Golvellius to finish with him for good
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