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Light Within, the (1.0) (U) [!]

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Creator: Sora of Pen Genre: Story-driven Added: 20 Jan 2013 Updated: 14 Feb 2013 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 321 Rating[?]: Rating: 1.5/5 (9 ratings) Download Quest
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This is one of the longest quests I've worked on! I'm still not done making the game! This is the completed first quest!

In The Light Within you play as the fallen demonlord Sora. Your objective is to find and destroy the 6 Balls of Light in order to unlock the final level of Pencil Tower and defeat your light side! If we consider 1 hour 3 months, or 1 season, you have 4 hours or 1 game year to complete this task on normal mode (My recommended difficulty). Time really doesn't matter, but it adds a fun new challenge to the game. Depending on how hard the game already is, I may or may not change the time limits! My best time is 3:23:36. I haven't speed run this quest because it would involve sequence breaking, LUCK, and skipping many items. Heart containers and pieces are a must in this game if you want to beat it! You can have 20 hearts in total, 4 different defence rings (immortality ring not availible in final dungeon), 3 Roc's feather levels (L1 only in final dungeon), Low and high level dins fire (L1 only in final dungeon), short and long hookshots, 5 different swords including the broken blade, and you can buy up to 6 potions (3 in the beginning) from the potion shop girl, Arukas.

There will be a 2.0 release later on that will have the 1st quest with extras not availible in this release, and a 2nd quest availible with a similar, yet eerily different overworld, stronger enemies, altered dungeons and altered locations, 3 ruins at old locations, extra story (taking place about a year later), and items and upgrades left unused (or are 2nd quest only)!

Update 1: The old version was buggy and I didn't mean to release that version.

Update 2: I also fixed the warping to the entrance to the master sword battle from dying in the mirror shield room, The respawn room will warp you back to Arukas's house.

Update 3: The Final Gauntlet's block puzzle segment is now easier since you can go to the room before, and the tiles the blocks are supposed to go on are brighter, but you will have to redo the block puzzle from the room you walk back to because the rooms reset and I can't fix that...

Reach Mana (Weapon: Grappling Hook) of the Mountainican Noble lineage is an athlete of the MMRL. Final race of the season he is racing his rival and best friend simply nicknamed "Jumps" (Weapon: Springed Boots) for the title of Champion. Near the end of the race they are both teleported to a giant nuclear bomb with a male figure floating in front of them. Reach identifies the person, but hides his knowledge. They destroy the nuke and escape. a few days later the nuke is rebuilt and headed on a crash course for Mountainica. Reach explains to Jumps that the man was Sora (Weapon: Wings), Reach's previous rival who died in a more dangerous VVRL race 2 years ago. Sora is prompt to teleport them on top of the rebuilt nuke, reveal a pair of demon horns, and fight them. After Sora was defeated, he sent them to Hell with him where Reach took his L2 sword (Satan's Bird. A 1 hit banishment on demons). When Sora was banished to the waiting room he used a spell to bring Reach's girlfriend Run (Weapon: Rocket Shoes) and Jumps's girlfriend (Reach's little sister) Itsuki (Weapon: Digging Mitts) to Hell as well. The party of 4 leave to The Hell Motel where we meet Mutoh (Weapon: Hand Shoes), the weird guy who always handstands and is Jumps's equal to Reach and Sora. Afterwards they find a grassland... in Hell? They take it as a blessing and go inside. They rest up and are about to leave when 2 demon girls: Sakura (Weapon: 2 stabbing Knives) equal to Run, and Sue (Weapon: Stilts) equal to Itsuki, cast curses on the land and leave it as barren as the rest of Hell. That in mind, Reach and Co. decide to dig their way into Satan's Castle with Itsuki's Digging Mitts. When they enter Satan's Castle each teammate is picked off 1 by 1 starting with Itsuki and Sue, then Jumps and Mutoh, then Run and Sakura, ending with a battle between Reach and Sora where Reach loses Satan's Bird. Sora is defeated and begs Satan for more power. Satan reluctantly gives him the power and pays for it with his life. Sora becomes the new demonlord and Hell turns into a real sea of flames. Things happen, everyone gets seperated, and Reach wakes up in a bed. He sees Sakura and begins to grab his Grappling hook. Before he attacks her, she reveals to him that she saved his life, she doesn't work for Sora, and she wants to help him in his fight against Sora. She makes a deal with him and becomes his servant for as long as Sora is alive. They find Run first and it leads to a slightly awkward moment. They find Itsuki with a girl named Shiro (Weapon: White Magic) and later another girl named Kuro (Weapon: Black Magic) who have healing arts and destructive arts only matched by each other. Jumps finds the island and leaps over to them. Reach tames a dragon and they go to a hot spring. at the hot spring they meet the girl Test Subject K-3 (Weapon: Mind control, brainwashing, etc.) who joins the party at 8th. They head towards Sora's Castle split into three groups and lead an offensive to take control of the outer land. Sakura teams with Shiro and Kuro, Test Subject K-3 teams with Run and Itsuki, and Jumps and Reach drop right at the front door with Mutoh waiting for them. After Mutoh is defeated, a robot zombie monster clone of Sora falls out of the sky and fights too. Sakura gets in a fight with Sue and has her demon horns ripped off. Healing items depleted, Reach calls Sakura's team and asks for them to return to the front entrance. Itsuki finds the back entrance and her team clears out the first floor. The team reunited continues towards Sora, but not before Sakura gives Reach her L1 Sword (Super finger). Sora reveals His new L3 sword (Satan's Claw) with an odd accuracy killer. They fight, Satan comes back as a Pen being who is far stronger than the Pencil beings of Reach's homeworld, and we find out Sora killed Sakura's older brother Sousuke between the times of Sora's takeover and the party seperation. The fight continues, Sora removes the accuracy killer, and he kills Reach. Reach is alive inside of his own subconcious and meets Hcaer (Weapon: Boomerang) of the Opposite Universe. They merge spirits and Reach is revived with a new sword (Repent finger) that cancels out the power of Satan's Claw. Finally Sora is defeated and drops to the floor, but it's not over yet! 2nd form Sora froze Hell he was so powerful. They defeat him and are given a sudden death between Reach and Sora. Reach wins and we finally get to the beginning of this quest! Shortly afterward we meet Reach's father Rentetsu (Weapon: Ice picks) who dies of natural causes 15 days after Reach's 24th birthday. This all happened over the course of about 11 months. This quest starts on the 9th month.
Tips & Cheats
Tip: Many small trees are bombable! If you get spin attack (and I suggest you do!) use it to find if a small tree is bombable.

Tip: There are many spiked roads! There are 2 ways to manage the spiked roads: Roc's feather and normal boots. I use the Roc's feather because it's a required item! There is only 1 place to find the Roc's Feather!

Tip: Abay is an annoyance, but he does give you awesome things!


Mini-Walkthrough: First you'll want to get your L1 Sword. Head east until you can't head anymore east and go south then west and you'll find Pencil Tower. Inside Pencil Tower you'll be avoiding enemies and finding keys for your first visit. When you get to the first boss your sword will be right in front of you. Grab it and kill the aquamentus quickly, a heart container is in the room beyond it. After you complete the first visit you'll need bombs. The cave to get bombs is southwest of Pencil Tower on the beach. In The Crescent Moon Cave You'll avoid spiked floors and be killing a custom mid-boss known as a grabber twice. Once you get the bombs head back to the room you got the heart container in and bomb the left wall. Kill the goriyas for the map and go left. kill the darknut and get the key behind the blocks. Open the locked door and kill the wallmasters. Go right, kill the stalfos, and grab the key. Go north, kill more stalfos, and grab the boss key. DON'T go through the locked door! If you do you'll be cursed to have the L1.5 Sword (Broken blade. fires sword beams as long as you have atleast 1 full heart) until you get the magic key. Instead go to the menu, exit game, continue, and head back to the wallmaster room. go north and kill the moldorms. go left and go south. Kill the 2 aquamentus' and get the heart container. Enter the portal and kill the moldorm army for the L2 Sword. Buy your arrow from the shopkeep in town. Head east and follow the tall grass path until you reach the Pen Cave. Avoid spikes, kill enemies, and get the bow before you fight Optomon (Played as a ghoma) who will give you the silver arrow. Take the portal to fight a manhandla and get a heart container. The next portal takes you to a 12 headed gleeok which is nearly unkillable as you are. Leave and go southtoward the beach. You might want to buy the boots that keep you from getting hurt by spikes (I don't because it's not required) The Rentetsu Shrine is along the beach and on a spiked road. Run through the road (if you didn't get the boots you'll need atleast 1 potion) and enter the shrine. Now get the 1st ball of light on your own! Boss: Manhandla.
Me for the story and characters.

All of my favorite video games for music (credit goes to the MIDI Shrine).

Friends and family who helped beta test.