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Carnage in Space

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Creator: MoscowModder Genre: Scripted Added: 04 Nov 2012 Updated: 01 Jun 2013 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 592 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.45/5 (10 ratings) Download Quest
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One day, I had this crazy idea to make a space-themed fighting game in ZC. So I made one. This game is radically different from most ZC games. Instead of running around, solving dungeons and saving the world, you get to run around, shooting and slashing hordes of enemies into oblivion. The game is divided into levels, which you can revisit from the main hub. All of the game's 16 items can be bought in a centralized shop, where you can find the best selection of equipment for your fighting style.
So what are you waiting for?! Download now and start blowing stuff up!

Main features:
9 unique levels of mayhem!
A scripted scoring system to encourage replayability (and practice your mad skills)!
4 categories of all-scripted weapons (12 total) to choose from!
A working, side-scrolling space level!
Ultra-powerful hidden bosses, guarding an additional 4 weapons to collect!
And... a jaw-droppingly awesome main character

This game has an enhanced music file that plays in the last level. For legal reasons, PureZC can't host that file in the quest database. To get it, search for "megaman x8 jakob download" to find the MP3, and then put it in the same folder as the .qst file or the ZC executable, and call it "CIS LVL9 MP3.mp3". If you don't do this, an ordinary MIDI will play in its place. If you can't or don't want to find it yourself, you can send me a PM and I'll give you a link to the file.

11/11/12: Added an opening cutscene that almost explains what's going on, and fixed a few bugs and a typo or two.

11/26/12: More semi-important updates.

12/12/12: Fixed the enemy respawn bug and un-blocked a door that should not have been blocked.

5/31/13: New game-over and level complete animations, less un-hittable Neo-Gohmoid, plus minor tweaks.
This is an arcade-style shooting game. You don't need no stinking story!

Fine. Evil robots are burning cities. Go blow them up.
Tips & Cheats
* Use the save point often! The game only autosaves when you get a high score.
* You get a bigger cash bonus in each level for higher scores.
* You can refill all your life, energy, ammo, and bombs at the panel left of the level selector, and the refill is applied automatically after levels.
* You can make the Silencer (DA SPACESHIP) fire faster by hitting the A button really fast, but it also auto-fires when you hold it down.
* The included MP3 file must be in the same folder as the game or the same folder as the ZC player.
* You can consider the game beaten when you have obtained all 16 items in the shop, found all 6 secret items, collected the reward from boss rush mode (yes, there is a boss rush mode), and earned the intangible reward for beating the game with a perfect score on every level.
Nintendo, the ZC devs, and everyone else who helped make Zelda Classic possible.
Peteo for the MMDWR tileset.
Capcom for the MegaMan series music, and VGMusic (especially one King Meteor) for the MIDI versions.