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Creator: skateboarder11 Genre: Miniquest Added: 19 Nov 2011 ZC Version: 1.92 B182 Downloads: 263 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.25/5 (3 ratings) Download Quest
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This is just a quick quest I whipped up in three hours back in 2009, as part of a contest in a smaller community. ZCRealm was the only site to get this quest for a while, as I did not feel as if its style was suited for the general ZC audience. However, if you follow ElectrometerPrime's LPs, you may have seen video of this quest.

However, with the passing of ZCR (Well, it'll be gone when 2012 hits, anyway), I figured I'd submit the quest here - while it's certainly not on the level of A Link to the Shadows, I find it worthwhile enough to at least spread around.

Keep in mind, however, this quest is not insanely polished or very big - I did create it in a mere three hours, after all! Either way, hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! It's three dungeons (and one mini-dungeon) long, and contains a cave system and a small overworld. Make sure you explore places thoroughly to find everything. It may be a bit easy, as you become quite powerful quite quickly in this quest.

(Sadly, this quest has no tracker package to go along with it - I simply lacked the time to fit such music to the quest, let alone very atmospheric music period.)
Zelda's ... you know what, there really isn't a story
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Extra HCs can be hidden underwater - don't ignore the fact that they're there!
Many thanks to Lithium for the 3-hour contest idea, and Exate, again, for graphical help (and the base tileset I started on LTTS with back in 2005).