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The Hero of Dreams

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Creator: Shoelace Genre: Story-driven Updated: 18 Mar 2015 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 5094 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.72/5 (139 ratings) Download Quest
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The Hero of Dreams, my first quest on Zelda Classic. I have been working on the game since January 2004. This epic quest is filled with so many things to do. I put a lot of side quests in the quest so it can have a feel to most Zelda games. The storyline fits into the major storyline and I do try to connect them all together. I spent a lot of time on the storyline and I hope you like it. This is what you can expect from the quest:

-Travel through huge Forests, islands, caves, deserts, graveyards, mountains, towns, as well as Dreams.
-Come face to face to some of the old Hero's of Hyrule.
-Meet different cultures and races of Hyrule.
-Fight some original custom bosses like Wolfblin and King Dodongo.
-Play some great mini games like bow and arrow target practice and rafting.
-See some original puzzles never seen in ZC.
-Huge Dungeons with different themes.
-and More!

10/12/2011 Update - 5 years later, I came back and polished the game up. Here are some of things I added:
-Donmore's Cave is redesigned!
-Wondering Tree is redesigned!
-The Thieves' Hideout is redesigned!
-The Irony Cave is redesigned!
-The Grave Cave is added.
-New puzzles in some of the levels, as well as some hints to make puzzles more clear.
-String Count went from 1400 to 2000!
-Cave of Ordeals added!
-Extra Level and Extra Ending for those Hardcore players!
-And a lot more... But play the game to find out!

-Few bug updates. Gohma 4 is no longer in my game... *runs*

-Fixed a bug in Cave of Ordeals. No other updates.
On a small island just outside of Hyrule lived a boy named Link. As he grew up, he knew he was destined to become the new Hero of Hyrule. The Robins who were neighbors of Link, told him that the bloodline of the Hero’s past through him. He knew that on any given day his adventure could begin.

One day Link was drawing a picture of a sword on the mountainside of the island. He looked down at his shield that he always kept with him, and thought how cool it would be to finally use it with a sword of his own. Just then his good friend Patty walked over to him. She looked a little sad, as she told him that she was going to leave the island soon in search for the Shooting Star Legend. In that moment, they both looked at the shoreline and noticed that the water was acting very violent. But they brushed it off. As Link finished the drawing, he signed his name on the bottom of the sword. Patty was still talking about that legend; however, Link couldn’t keep his eyes off the coastline, which was getting worse by the second.

Little did they know, the Dark Army had just docked south of the city of Fulton. The Commander of the Army stepped out to dock while discussing the plan to this staff, “Continue searching for the remaining Triforce pieces. We will capture Fulton and await you there!” As the Commander looked at the path to Fulton, he whispered to himself, “And now it begins.”
Tips & Cheats
First of all don’t use any cheats on this game because of the amount of events I put in this game. Second this game is huge. Expect 15-25 hours on this game. If you don’t like huge games I say pass it up. Third, the game does get a little hard. I suggest you getting POTIONS whenever possible. You are going to die quite a bit, but don’t worry you will end up passing it. If you have any questions ask in the forum and I will help you out. Also make sure to read the story because they give you a lot of hints for things you need to do.

Also here is a link to my Director's Commentary on my game. It is a Walkthrough on my entire game in case you get stuck:

This game is for 2.10. Please play it in 2.10!
Shoelace aka mbwchampion ;)

Eurysilas (Enemy tips by Hypercrash)

Noel - Wolfie custom boss, horse tiles, etc.
LinktheMaster - Castle tiles
BH4 - Four Swords Pure Link, Swords, rays of light, various Pure Link tiles, etc.
Radien - Improved newfirst leevers, LTTP Link tiles Full Remake, DoR Mts For Pure, etc.
Nick: Dungeon Floor tiles
Gashin - Minimentus, fish bait
System Error - Mothula
PrinceMSC - ML growing bush
Exate - Misc Fire, Spinning Heart Container and Pieces
Hermit Dude - PurePalette Tree Entrance
Teilyr - BS Shores
Warlock - King Dodongo

Will Bill - Pure Tileset
Mr. Z - Pure Tileset Upadate V2
plith - Descendent tiles
Freedom - Adventure Tileset
Marcus - Orion's LTTP tileset V 2.4.1

Dark Emperor
Hero Link
Taku of Miso