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Quest Project Help
What are quest projects?
Quest projects are pages for quests that are currently in development. They provide quest makers with a central place to give information about their quests, show off screenshots, host demo downloads, and discuss the project with other staff members of the quest. Other registered members are then able to follow quests that they want to keep updated on. When you follow a quest, it will show up in your quest project feed, accessible by either going to the Members Home section and going to the the Project Feed, or by clicking on "Quest Project Feed" under the Quest Projects menu.

What are the project statuses and why are they one way?

A quest project can have 3 different statuses.
  • Hidden - Any updates made will not appear in the quest project feed and the actual project will not be viewable outside of staff members of the project and site staff.
  • Public - Updates are public and the project is visible to everyone.
  • Inactivated - Updates can no longer be made and the project is basically closed. Old inactivated projects may be deleted in the future.
Statuses are a one way street. This means that you cannot hide a project that is already public or reactivate a project that is inactivated. So pay attention to the warnings when you are changing the status of a project. They are serious when they say an action is irreversible!

This was mostly done to prevent people from abusing the Quest Project feature by being hasty with or indecisive about things due to how many resources Quest Project pages take up on the site. Like a forums thread, once you announce a quest project, it's not really possible to undo it. So the same philosophy has been applied here. If you want your project to go public, you better be 100% dedicated to that before wandering into the menu, clicking it, then confirming it on the unique page that comes up. If you want to close your project, you better be serious about it. :shrug:

What are the project positions?

People can be assigned one of three positions. Depending on what position a person has, they can access and perform different tasks on a quest project. When you add someone to a project, they must first accept the position before gaining any extra permissions. The following is a list of the different positions:
  • Advisor - Advisors are people who can access the development forums of a quest project, but cannot access any beta downloads. This group is intended for people who may give advice or feedback to quest developers.
  • Contributor - Contributors can access the development forums of a quest project and have access to any beta downloads are associated with the quest project. Beta testers would fall under this category.
  • Admin - Admins have full control over the quest project and can upload content, post updates, and add staff members.
What are the download types?

There are three different download types: build, beta, and demo. The download type determines if PureZC will host the file and who can access the file. The different download types are as follows:
  • Demo Download - These are actually hosted by PureZC and can be accessed by all members and guests. Demos may have to be approved by staff members.
  • Beta Download - These are not hosted by PureZC, but all project staff members can access these downloads.
  • Build Download - These are not hosted by PureZC, and only project admins can access these downloads.
Beta downloads are intended to offer a link to beta testers to download the quest, and build downloads are for quest makers to share the quest as they develop it.