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I've been writing my own original midis for a while now, however this is the first time I actually bothered to post one. This one is a much more down-tempo piece I wrote both as practice with slow music and practice with 6/8 time. Dueling piano melodic lines are what make up the meat of the piece, so if something like that is what you're looking for, enjoy! I included 2 versions of the midi in the download: one with a ritardando at the end and one without one. The latter should be a lot friendlier to loop points, so I recommend using that one if you intend on putting it in a quest.

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Creator: Phosphor Added: 23 Nov 2017 Type: MIDI
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Posted 18 February 2018 - 05:51 AM
This is sweet! I'd love to hear an orchestrated version since MIDI makes the existing piano tracks sound somewhat robotic. I enjoy the intensity of the chorus and how this is balanced by relatively softer intermediate sections.