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Metroid 2- SR388 Tunnels ZM Style

The next entry in my series of hand-sequenced music is based on none other than the tunnel theme in Metroid 2. However, I've given this catchy tune the "Zero Mission" treatment for enhanced sound quality and general coolness.
While best suited to a Metroid themed quest, this song can also be used as an overworld theme in general. Try it out!

SPECIAL NOTE: There is no way I can convert this to a midi version. Please don't ask for it.

Creator: Dart Zaidyer Added: 08 Aug 2005 Type: Tracker
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (2 ratings)
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Rating: 5/5

Posted 30 October 2007 - 06:15 PM
I don't know the actual song that this was based off of, but by itself it seems to be pretty good. The voice modulation seemed kind of weird, but it wasn't too bothersome.

Rating: 5/5

Posted 10 August 2005 - 05:51 AM
Whoa. Can you say, once again, awesome? This was done extremely well into a MZM-style sequence, that I have been left to sit here appreciating each and every second of this song. DZ, good job, once again.